Report: Freelancers and the Benefits Gap: 2021

Our report on the state of freelancers and their access to benefits and insurance

The agile workforce is on the rise, and freelancers, independent contractors, gig workers, and self-employed professionals that participate benefit like never before from increased flexibility and opportunities associated with this way of working. However, going independent is not without its challenges. While going independent has great rewards, it also presents challenges. While there is increased freedom to work when, where, how, and for who they want, there are gaps in the amount of stability and financial security that many freelancers experience.

CareerGig recently conducted a survey of 700 individuals engaging in freelance work, with the goal of better understanding the existing state of the stability and security they experience from having insurance and related coverage. What we found highlights some important areas of need for the independent worker community, and opportunities to lessen the benefits gap for freelancers.

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