White Papers & Reports

Research and writing about the freelance economy and ways to innovate the future of work.

Verified On-Demand Workforce™ White Paper

In order to prepare for what is ahead, we need to create a more versatile workforce, that is flexible yet stable. Building resilience in our workforce will allow us to weather the years ahead, no matter what they bring. Doing so means taking a hard look at our existing assumptions about work and being open to doing things differently.

Report: Freelancers and the Benefits Gap: 2021

CareerGig recently conducted a survey of 700 individuals engaging in freelance work, with the goal of better understanding the existing state of the stability and security they experience from having insurance and related coverage. What we found highlights some important areas of need for the independent worker community, and opportunities to lessen the benefits gap for freelancers.

Guide to Building a Successful Freelance Career

This white paper is our guide to building a successful Freelance Career. Depending on what you choose to do, some of our recommendations may not apply to some of all of the types of gigs you prefer. But overall, we think there is helpful advice for everyone here.

What You Need to Know About 1099 Compliance

As your workforce expands and diversifies to include a mix of full-time, part-time, remote, contract and freelance workers, it is critical to both classify them correctly and file the correct tax forms. This white paper will describe what you need to know in order to plan for your 1099 compliance.