Webinar: How Freelancers are Redefining ‘Talent’ for HR People

For Companies: March 16 at 1pm ET

The gig economy is here and millions of Americans are being drawn to contract work, creating a diverse talent pool of highly-skilled workers with atypical resumes that, in the past, would have not made the cut. Ignoring this agile workforce means leaving HR at risk of being disrupted if it does not transform.

Join CareerGig Chief Business Development Officer, Jeff Tennery, and SalesIntel CEO, Manoj Ramnani, to explore:

  • What defines the ‘best and brightest’ in the midst of the freelance revolution;
  • The pros and cons of sourcing from the freelance economy;
  • Top myths surrounding hiring and managing an independent workforce.
HOST:<br>Jeff Tennery
Jeff Tennery

CBDO CareerGig and freelancer marketplace expert.

HOST:<br>Manoj Ramnani
Manoj Ramnani

SalesIntel CEO