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  • Get Comfortable, This Might Last A While
    At the end of 2019 before the pandemic became widespread in the US, opinion research firm CivicScience began tracking work from home productivity. Since the start of the pandemic, the data around WFH has undergone quite the evolution and most workers are considered more productive. The report shows 35- to 54-year-olds are the most likely to enjoy working from home, while 18- to 24-year-olds like it the least.
  • Challenges of Working From Home
    Working from home can feel like a dream come true after many years of commuting to a shared office space, with all its constraints, distractions and lack of privacy — not to mention dealing with traffic or public transportation. However, a few months in, newly-minted work-from-homers may be finding themselves with the realization that their new situation has its hazards as well.

Companies blog

Navigate the freelance economy and hire better 1099 contractors with these tips and ideas

  • Get Your Business Growing Again During and Post-COVID
    Many companies have laid off or furloughed full-time employees due to economic uncertainty and are now in the position to need to scale back up. The question remains of whether to re-fill those positions with full-time W-2 employees, or create a more hybrid mix of full-time and 1099 contractors. Contractors have the benefit of giving you the flexibility to grow with verified, high skilled talent at the right pace and the right price for your business.
  • It’s Time to Rethink the Resume. There Are Much Better Ways to Evaluate Candidates.
    It almost goes without saying: When you are reviewing candidates, you want to see their resumes. The resume is probably the most consistent component in the recruiting process, the only truly universal ingredient across companies and roles of all kinds. Yet despite its ubiquity, the resume is a deeply flawed method of evaluating candidates. At best, it is only a very small piece of the puzzle when it comes to making the right hiring decision.

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