Life Insurance for Freelancers

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A lot of freelancers and self-employed individuals are unsure about whether or not they really need life insurance. Not only is life insurance an extra monthly cost, but for a lot of young people it can seem unnecessary. Having life insurance, however, should be something that everyone, no matter their age, seriously considers. Not only does the life insurance contract guarantee that a payment is made to beneficiaries after death, but it ensures peace of mind that, if something were to ever happen to you, the people you love most would be cared for.

We’re helping freelancers have greater financial security so their career can thrive

For too long, your best bet to have great insurance coverage was to get a full-time job. We believe that freelancers and contractors deserve better, and are partnering with the best providers to give self employed individuals and their families across the United States the best coverage possible.

We are now offering life insurance to freelancers in all 50 United States. Click the button to the right to get started!

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