Benefits for Freelancers

Freelance. With Benefits.

Verified On-Demand Experts get access to discounted health, life, and disability insurance, along with retirement and other benefits, with many offered as guaranteed issue.

Full-time employees shouldn’t be the only ones with outstanding benefits and perks, or even guaranteed issue insurance. CareerGig subscribers can get access to great benefits, plus we contribute up to 35% of our fees to eligible insurance premiums*. Learn More About Eligibility and Contributions

Benefits for Freelancers

How Benefits Work

We have 3 tiers of benefits that are available to our Freelancer Subscribers. Your eligibility for benefits and contribution amounts is determined by your level of activity on the platform.

Health Insurance

Protect you and your loved ones. Finding the right health insurance is key so that you know you are covered when it comes to regular appointments, as well as those unexpected emergencies.

Life Insurance for Freelancers

Protect those you care about most. Life insurance ensures peace of mind that, if something were to ever happen to you, the people you love most would be cared for.

Disability Insurance

Provide stability no matter what happens. If you get hurt and are unable to work, disability insurance can make sure that you continue to get the money you need to pay your main expenses.

Supplemental Benefits

Get additional assurance. Supplemental benefits offer additional lines of coverages to protect your income, families, and lifestyle. Whether you experience an accident, a critical illness, or hospitalization your out-of-pocket costs are minimized with supplemental insurance.

Health Savings Accounts

Freelancers with Health Savings Accounts can save money tax-free and use it tax-free on health expenses. What’s more, after you turn 65, your HSA becomes a retirement account. Most people spend more on healthcare in their lifetimes than the cost of a house, so saving money in a Health Savings Account can be a smart investment decision for any contractor or freelancer.

Dental Insurance

Keep smiling no matter what lies ahead. Getting the right dental insurance for you and your family will help provide the peace of mind you need to weather anything that comes ahead, from routine checkups to critical procedures.

Vision Insurance

Keep your sights set on your future. Vision insurance is a key part of ensuring you and your family have optimal health and are not hit with unexpected expenses for appointments, glasses, or more.

Liability Insurance

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Savings Accounts

Your future self will thank you. Get the financial services and products you need to get more out of your earnings and take the hassle out of banking. Your tomorrow self will thank you.

Pet Insurance

Your companion deserves the best. Pet insurance provides coverage on accidents, illnesses, surgeries, exam fees, cancer treatments, and more. There are wellness plan options to cover routine annual exams, blood work, vaccines and more with no deductible.

Legal Advice and Counsel

Expected and unexpected legal issues arise every day. But with a LegalShield Legal Plan, a small monthly fee gets you access to advice and counsel on an unlimited number of personal legal issues from lawyers with an average of 22 years experience.