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Access exclusive legal advice and counsel for freelancers

Expected and unexpected legal issues arise every day. But with a LegalShield Legal Plan, a small monthly fee gets you access to advice and counsel on an unlimited number of personal legal issues from lawyers with an average of 22 years experience.

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Get personal legal advice and counsel, including:

  • Letters & Phone Calls on y/our Behalf
  • Contract & Document Review
  • 24/7 Emergency Assistance
  • Uncontested Name Change, Adoption, and Separation/Divorce Assistance
  • Residential Loan Document Assistance
  • Will Preparation
  • Motor Vehicle Services
  • Personal IRS Audit Services

Add freelancer services to your plan for only $9.95/month, including:

  • Business advice (including pre-existing conditions)
  • Legal Document Review (up to 15 pages each)
  • Letters and Phone Calls on Your Behalf
  • Debt Collection Letters on Your Behalf
  • Specialty Matters and Out-of-State Consultation
  • IRS Audit Services

Get a FREE Quote for legal advice and counsel for freelancers now

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