Pet Insurance

Now available for freelancers in all 50 States

Pet Insurance for Freelancers and 1099 Contractors

CareerGig has partnered with Pets Best to provide a pet health insurance plan that offers 90% reimbursement on accidents and illnesses. You can also choose to add on routine care coverage.

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Pet insurance policyholders will have:

  • Low Deductibles
  • Online or App Claims Submission
  • Optional Vet Direct Pay
  • Top Customer Rated
  • No Annual Limit
  • Most Claims Processed Within 5 Days
  • Coverage on Accidents, Illnesses, Surgeries, Exam Fees, Cancer and More

CareerGig Benefits pet insurance, provided by Pets Best can be used at any veterinarian in the US or Canada, including specialty and emergency clinics. You also have the option to choose between two wellness plans that cover routine annual exams, blood work, vaccines and more with no deductible.

Comprehensive Coverage Includes: 

  • Accidents
  • Emergency Surgeries
  • Illnesses Cancer
  • Prescriptions Exam Fees
  • Hereditary Conditions
  • Diagnostics (MRI, X-Ray, CAT)
  • 24/7 pet help line powered by whiskerDocs

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CareerGig Benefits are only available to freelancers and include guaranteed-issue insurance and more.

CareerGig Benefits

Eligibility & Contributions

 Pet insurance is administered by Pets Best Insurance Services, LLC and is underwritten by American Pet Insurance Company, a New York insurance company. Please visit to review all available pet health insurance products. 

Plans are brought to you by Pet Benefit Solutions

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