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The CareerGig platform has arrived! We’re taking the flexibility of freelance work and combining it with the benefits of a full-time job:

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Signing up is easy and free for life. It only takes a few minutes to be up and running, and searching for your next freelance gig. You can add details like project and work history, education, and the skills you offer, and get them verified by your peers and co-workers.

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Verified Experts Wanted. CareerGig offers freelancers the opportunity to become a verified expert. Through a combination of background verifications and assessments, you can qualify for top-tier positions from companies looking for the best available freelance talent.

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Search, browse, and get matched. Our contract and freelance project listing and application process is as seamless as signup. Search for jobs that fit your skills, or use our matching engine to get recommendations. Then, connect with companies to start your new project.

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Freelance. With Benefits. CareerGig offers benefits that outperform those of a full-time job. This includes insurance, financial services, and other services that help you conduct business as a freelancer. Many of our benefits are guaranteed issue* and give you the stability you need to do great work. We contribute up to 35% of our fees to help freelancers with their benefits.

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Benefits for Freelancers

Verified On-Demand Experts get access to discounted health, life, and disability insurance, along with retirement and other benefits, with many offered as guaranteed issue.

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