CareerGig: Our Mission & Values

CareerGig is building the Verified On-Demand Workforce™ that meets the needs of the fast-growing freelance economy, and provides both individuals and companies with tools to thrive in an uncertain age.

Career Benefits. Gig Lifestyle. Choose Both. 

As our tagline says, we believe that “choosing both” is not only possible, but necessary. Freelancers shouldn’t have to compromise between prospering financially and living the lifestyle of their choice. We also believe that, by providing this for our freelancers, we will be making available the best possible candidates to companies, offering them the high quality work and stability they want and deserve.

There are two themes that define our values. Let’s explore this further.

1 | Trust. And Verify. 

CareerGig’s platform enables our members (freelancers and employers) to retain control of their data, making it available to other parties only when required. Data and transactions on the blockchain are verified and immutable ensuring that information is presented accurately and reflects the true experience, credentials, reputation and expertise of our members.

Freelancers are able to undergo voluntary background checks, opt in to liability and E&O insurance, and provide peer-validated skills and background verification.  The results of these verifications will be recorded and stored in our immutable blockchain based ledger.

CareerGig’s reputation model will be far superior to, and more reliable than,  the star-rating systems on other sites, providing multiple methods of verification and being resistant to manipulation and tamper-proof.

Companies can request background verification on employment, criminal records, and other methods of validation. They also have access to immutable reputation scores for freelancers, which are assessed using smart contract technology that combines resume verification, past work history and performance,  as well as freelancer initiated background and identity checks. In this way companies can absolutely trust that they are getting the best possible candidates.

2 | Security. In Work and in Life. 

CareerGig is developing a platform built with the highest levels of security in mind. The platform supports data security, privacy and the well-being of our customers. 

We are constantly finding the best possible benefits to provide that allow our freelancers to focus on their work, and companies  to know they have top talent working on their projects. 

Freelancers get financial security through great jobs, and they also get the security of peace of mind through the health insurance, and other benefits we are able to provide at scale. 

Understanding that freelancers need security in both work and life means that CareerGig is building a long-term, trusted relationship with our customers.  

Companies have the security of knowing that they have access to a top-tier freelance talent pool with the financial security that allows them to focus on their work.

True Success is a Win-Win. 

With a mission to provide trust and security to both freelancers and companies that hire them, we are thrilled at the opportunity to contribute to the sustainable growth of the gig economy. In our vision of the gig economy, freelancers don’t have to compromise, and neither do companies. We embrace the concept of a win-win for all our audiences and work to build a better version of our platform every day.

We wish you great success, both on and off the CareerGig platform.

—The CareerGig Team

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