Why CareerGig?

How is CareerGig different than other freelance marketplaces?

The Verified On-Demand Workforce™ platform connects companies with the best freelance and contract talent available. We’re building the world best record of work history and talent capabilities. With a combination of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and utilizing other technologies such as blockchain, our reputation and matching platform makes finding the best 1099 contractor quicker and easier with less risk.

Verify your freelancers | 1099 compliance & IP protection | Offer Benefits to Your Freelancers | Integrations

Our 3-step proof process exceeds other platforms and services


Freelancer members have the ability to identify skills and experience that is relevant to the work they perform.

This is self-reported information.


Freelancers can get customers, coworkers, and others to verify that their claims are correct and accurate.

This is peer-verified information.


What sets CareerGig apart. We get third party authorities to certify claimed and confirmed information so company customers can be certain they are hiring the best freelancer for the gig.

This means that reputable 3rd-party authorities have verified and certified this information to be true.

Hire better 1099 talent, save time, and reduce risk

Learn how the Verified On-Demand Workforce™ can help.

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Find and verify the highly skilled 1099 contractors you need

Create customized search criteria for even the most demanding requirements

The CareerGig reputation and matching platform can handle everything from routine tasks to the most highly skilled and specialized requirements. Our platform allows you to build requirements based on several dimensions of quantitative criteria including:

  • Skills assessments, including your own customized tests
  • Certifications and Accreditations
  • Work Experience & Education Background
  • Background Checks (Criminal, etc.)
  • Behavioral assessments that enable you to determine if a contractor will be a great fit working with your team
  • Job availability, including location, time availability, and hourly rate

Background verifications

Stop relying solely on 5-star rating systems and self-reporting to make business critical decisions.

Find the best talent based on 3rd party data that is able to be certified.

  • ID Verification
  • Behavioral Assessments
  • Accreditations and Certifications
  • SSN Trace
  • Global Watchlist Search
  • Most Recent Work Experience
  • Most Recent Education
  • County Criminal or Civil Court Search
  • National Criminal Search
  • Sex Offenders Search
  • Standard or Customized Skills Assessments

Skills assessments

CareerGig Skills Assessments are available in 20 categories, with over 1,000 tests available within our platform. Categories include all major job roles and responsibilities that contractors and freelancers work within.

Customized skills assessments can be created, and we can also integrate your existing skills or jobs tests into our platform.

1099 Compliance & IP Protection

Ensure you are in compliance, and your valuable information is protected with the Verified On-Demand Workforce™. All-in-one recruiting, verification, skills assessment, and placement services

Streamline Your 1099 Compliance

  • Your 1099 compliance needs are streamlined through a single interface
  • CareerGig issues 1099 forms to the freelancers you hire through the platform
  • Reduce the number of state tax returns you need to file

IP Protection and NDA.


  • All CareerGig freelancers are under NDA
  • IP rights are assigned to companies that hire freelancers
  • Customized requirements are available


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Offer Your 1099 Contractors Health Insurance and Other Benefits

Our platform connects your freelancers and contractors to great benefits that rival those of full-time employers. As a CareerGig subscriber, your company can offer these to your 1099 contractors and provide a valuable way to give back to the people that keep your business running.

CareerGig contributes to your 1099 contractors’ benefits. You pay nothing additional.

What’s more, CareerGig contributes up to 35% of our fees to eligible employees and their benefits*, making your decision to offer benefits through CareerGig even more valuable to your 1099 contractors and freelancers.

Our Benefits Include:

  • Health Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Disability Insurance
  • Dental & Vision
  • Supplemental Insurance
  • Health Savings Accounts (HSA)
  • Pet Insurance
  • More offerings are being added regularly

Enterprise integrations allow you to access the Verified On-Demand Workforce™ from the platforms you already use

Add a Verified On-Demand Workforce™ to talent acquisition capabilities

CareerGig integrates with your existing workflow and systems:

  • Sourcing of geographically targeted (when applicable) candidates that are ready to work when the need arises
  • Background verification services that are customized to your needs
  • Custom-built assessments and skills tests that tell you exactly what you need to know about a candidate
  • Confidence that your 1099 workers will have access to health, retirement, and other benefits (based on eligibility*), including guaranteed issue insurance, and benefits contributions from CareerGig
  • On-demand hiring of this pre-verified talent
  • Dedicated account management services including a dedicated concierge

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