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Resumes, 5-star rating systems, and social media profiles only tell part of the story. We’ve found a better way for companies to find great talent quickly.

Our Verified On-Demand Workforce™ platform connects companies hiring 1099 contractors with verified remote, freelance, contract, and hourly talent. Plus, freelancers get affordable health, retirement, and other benefits at no additional cost to companies, all while saving hundreds to thousands of dollars each year on their insurance premiums.

Accelerate hiring 1099s with the Verified On-Demand Workforce™. All-in-one recruiting, verification, skills assessment, and placement services.


Comprehensive talent acquisition platform


Reputation & matching platform


Hiring & payment platform

  • Flexible Gig Creation
  • Applications, Interviews and Offers
  • Built-in Invoicing and Payments System, or Integrate With Existing Systems
  • 1099 Compliance for Your Business
  • NDA/IP Protection Keeps You Protected


  • Insurance Benefits for Freelancers
  • Savings & Retirement Contributions
  • Other Benefits & Discounts for Subscribers
  • Company Contributions to Freelancer Benefits
  • Referral Programs

Benefits & incentives platform

Our Offerings

Verified On-Demand Workforce™

Are you tired of the same old temporary staffing model and ready to try something new? 

CareerGig’s core offering offers sourcing, verification, hiring and retention solutions for 1099 contractors and freelancers

CareerGig Discovery™

Having a tough time finding the right freelance talent for your business?

Our Discovery™ offering allows companies to find the best 1099 and freelance talent while continuing to use their existing payment and HRIS platforms.

CareerGig TrustedHire™

Tired of the stress and hassle of managing your 1099 contractor workforce?

TrustedHire™ allows companies with an existing 1099 contractor or freelancer workforce to offload 1099 compliance and many other pain points while maintaining their high quality contingent talent.

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