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Accelerate hiring 1099s with the Verified On-Demand Workforce™. All-in-one recruiting, verification, skills assessment, and placement services.


Comprehensive talent acquisition platform


Reputation & matching platform


Hiring & payment platform

  • Flexible Gig Creation
  • Applications, Interviews and Offers
  • Built-in Invoicing and Payments System, or Integrate With Existing Systems
  • 1099 Compliance for Your Business
  • NDA/IP Protection Keeps You Protected


Benefits & incentives platform

  • Insurance Benefits for Freelancers
  • Savings & Retirement Contributions
  • Other Benefits & Discounts for Subscribers
  • Company Contributions to Freelancer Benefits
  • Referral Programs

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Reputation & Matching

We’re building the world best record of work history and talent capabilities. With a combination of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and utilizing other technologies such as blockchain, our reputation and matching platform makes finding the best 1099 contractor quicker and easier with less risk. Our SingularTruth™ platform enables companies to hire the best freelancers more quickly.

1099 Compliance & IP Protection

Ensure you are in compliance, and your valuable information is protected with the Verified On-Demand Workforce™ All-in-one recruiting, verification, skills assessment, and placement services

Integration with ATS and HRIS

Enterprise integrations allow you to access the Verified On-Demand Workforce™ from the platforms you already use.

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Benefits for your 1099s

Our platform connects your freelancers and contractors to great benefits that rival those of full-time employers.


We’re making it secure, fast, and easy for employers to hire the best freelance talent, and provide great health, retirement, and other benefits to your existing 1099 contractors: Learn more about working with Careergig.