How to Prevent Identity Theft (From Someone Who’s Been Through It)

My name is Tiffani Sherman. The real Tiffani Sherman. Not the one who recently applied for unemployment benefits, an SBA COVID loan, five credit cards, a payday advance, two loans, and opened two bank accounts. That wasn’t me. It also…

What Is Afterpay? Your Guide to a Credit Card Alternative

Consider it layaway with benefits. If you remember layaway plans (ask your parents!), you know it’s an old retail custom in which you make installment payments over a period of time to buy a product or service you can’t afford…

How to Sell Travel Photos and Turn Your Memories into Cash

One way to make money while you’re stuck between the four walls of your home: take a trip down memory lane. If you travelled a lot prior to the pandemic, dig through your old photos. Pause when you find the…

7 Ways to Sustain Working Remotely While Quarantined

Coronavirus lockdown restrictions have been lifted in many places. Even so, plenty of companies have extended remote work for large segments of their workforce. If this includes you, you may need to revisit your strategy on remote work and adapt…

Expert Study Tips for Passing Certification Exams [Infographic]

Earning new certifications or obtaining a new license can open up new opportunities for promotions, career change and overall advancement in your professional life. However, these exams are not like the ones you took in school. Most certification and licensing…

My Summer Internship: When Covid Throws a Curveball

The way things have been done in the past means nothing in today’s age. Becoming an adult during a global pandemic requires us to do things differently. I must remind myself to be patient and flexible and that the path that most follow is not the only path.

A Freelancer’s Letter to My Younger Self

No two days are alike. The traditional work world offers a predictable routine, from the daily commute to the awkward Monday morning staff meetings. The freelancer’s workday has a different feel that you will get used to. Time is now in your hands and it’s up to you to make the most of it. If you want to start your day at 6:30 a.m. and take a workout break at 10 a.m., you can.

CareerGig Internship Reflection

Graduating from college in the middle of a pandemic is far from ideal. With the United States unemployment rates above 10%, securing a full-time position or a summer internship is extremely difficult. In May, many companies were making layoffs and definitely not looking to hire a college student with little professional experience.

Setting Up a Home Office

I find I need a certain amount of order around me to be productive. I’m not extraordinarily neat or fastidious (wish it were so) but, still, I can’t operate surrounded by visual and auditory chaos. At the same time, even more crucially, I need to be comfortable. I need a good chair, a good caffeinated beverage, and for most types of writing or editing work, I need some good background music that’s just interesting enough while at the same time not being too distracting. This is my “must-have” home office list.