5 Ways to Clean Up Your Budget and Get Back on Track

Remember your budget? You know, that spreadsheet that’s been collecting dust? That app you haven’t logged into in months? If this sounds like you, your budget could use a little attention. Don’t just spend the spring deep cleaning your house…

These Enterprising Students Show How to Start a Food Delivery Business

Instead of turning to Uber, Lyft, DoorDash or Grubhub, these college students started their own food delivery businesses to make money and show their entrepreneurial expertise to potential employers. Two met a demand created by the COVID-19 pandemic, while two…

Here’s How to Find Housing on Facebook

Even in the best of times, meeting strangers to select an affordable place to live can be difficult. You never know if, at best, your potential landlord or roommate will be a scammer, or at worst, a murderer. Throw a…

WEBINAR: Unexpected Reason Freelancers Can Get Sued

WEBINAR: March 24. For many freelancers, there’s no better way to work. You get to be your own boss and do what you enjoy most without being controlled by an employer. Unfortunately, running a freelance business also means that it’s your responsibility to understand the risks involved and what you can do to reduce those risks so that you can continue working for yourself.

CareerGig Announces Product Advisory Board

PRESS RELEASEContact:Crister DelaCruz crister@careergig.com - 202.798.2467 CareerGig: A SaaS-based marketplace offers health, life, and financial benefits for freelance and contract talent ARLINGTON, VA - February 4, 2021 CareerGig announced the introduction of a new Product Advisory Board. These four seasoned…

Setting Up a Home Office

I find I need a certain amount of order around me to be productive. I’m not extraordinarily neat or fastidious (wish it were so) but, still, I can’t operate surrounded by visual and auditory chaos. At the same time, even more crucially, I need to be comfortable. I need a good chair, a good caffeinated beverage, and for most types of writing or editing work, I need some good background music that’s just interesting enough while at the same time not being too distracting. This is my “must-have” home office list.

Laid off? Now what? How about freelancing?

Facing job loss at the time of a pandemic is nothing anyone would embrace, and it’s possibly one of the most difficult challenges of your adult life, but you still have options. You could seek another job in your industry, a position suited to your unique skill set. In a strong jobs climate, this wouldn’t seem as much of a gamble as it does right now. Because, with the job market uncertain, what if you don’t find something right away, this month, or even this year?

5 Secrets to Become Seriously Successful as a Freelancer

There’s a big difference between someone who freelances and someone who makes a living as a freelancer. In order to find yourself in the latter group, there are a few things you should start doing today. Becoming a professional freelancer isn’t difficult, especially when you have the skills necessary to deliver outstanding work. However, in order to become truly successful you have to commit to what you’re doing, which means showing up day after day and following the advice of other successful freelancers.

How to Get Full-Time Benefits as a Freelancer with CareerGig

One of the main reasons many talented professionals never take freelancing seriously is because they’re worried about benefits. While full-time freelancing can give you a lot of amazing advantages (like the lifestyle you’ve been dreaming out), it rarely can offer you the benefits of a full-time 9-to-5 career. Because of this, a lot of professionals never pursue freelancing because they want the safety and security of career or corporate benefits.

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