Understanding Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) as a Freelancer

There are a lot of advantages to being a freelancer rather than working full-time for a business. But, one of the main disadvantages is not having the benefits that regular employment provide, specifically health benefits. However, there are plenty of unique options for freelancers who don’t want to give up the lifestyle and freedoms of working for themselves, including health savings accounts, or HSAs.

5 Secrets to Become Seriously Successful as a Freelancer

There’s a big difference between someone who freelances and someone who makes a living as a freelancer. In order to find yourself in the latter group, there are a few things you should start doing today. Becoming a professional freelancer isn’t difficult, especially when you have the skills necessary to deliver outstanding work. However, in order to become truly successful you have to commit to what you’re doing, which means showing up day after day and following the advice of other successful freelancers.

What Freelancers Should Know About Disability Insurance

If you get hurt and are unable to work, disability insurance can make sure that you continue to get the money you need to pay your main expenses. For the self-employed and freelancers, disability insurance can be even more important, as there will be no employer or policies in place to help in case of injury. Thankfully, there are a lot of different ways self-employed individuals can get disability insurance. But, before choosing a plan, it’s a good idea to understand what the different plans entail to make sure that they cover what you need specifically.

How to Get Full-Time Benefits as a Freelancer with CareerGig

One of the main reasons many talented professionals never take freelancing seriously is because they’re worried about benefits. While full-time freelancing can give you a lot of amazing advantages (like the lifestyle you’ve been dreaming out), it rarely can offer you the benefits of a full-time 9-to-5 career. Because of this, a lot of professionals never pursue freelancing because they want the safety and security of career or corporate benefits.

Hiring Freelancers: The Importance of Background Checks

Hiring used to be one of the most important parts of running a successful business. Hire the right person, and everything goes smoothly. Hire the wrong person, and you quickly regret not choosing someone else. Of course, hiring is still an incredibly critical component of business success. Unfortunately, too many businesses rush the process, especially when it comes to choosing a freelancer to work with.

A Freelancer’s Guide to Life Insurance

A lot of freelancers and self-employed individuals are unsure about whether or not they really need life insurance. Not only is life insurance an extra monthly cost, but for a lot of young people it can seem unnecessary. Having life insurance, however, should be something that everyone, no matter their age, seriously considers. Not only does the life insurance contract guarantee that a payment is made to beneficiaries after death, but it ensures peace of mind that, if something were to ever happen to you, the people you love most would be cared for.

Using Skill Assessments to Hire the Best Freelancers

An increasing number of individuals are choosing to make their money as freelancers, rather than opting for more traditional types of employment. In fact, today it’s estimated that close to 40% of the entire labor force is taking advantage of the “gig” economy by working as a freelancer. For businesses, this poses a huge advantage because it allows for more specialized workers to be brought in for specific projects, rather than having to keep them on payroll year after year. Of course, working with freelancers comes with its own set of problems, including knowing who is the best candidate for the job.

Why Taking CareerGig’s Skills Assessment is Super Important for Success

One of the major reasons freelancers tend to find more success on CareerGig than other freelance platforms is that CareerGig works with freelancers, making sure they’re finding gigs that match the skills and expertise they bring to the table. One of the ways CareerGig does this is by leveraging skills assessments in a variety of areas.

A Freelancer’s Guide to Health Insurance

As a freelancer or someone who is self-employed, finding the right health insurance is key so that you know you are covered when it comes to regular appointments, as well as those unexpected emergencies. But knowing how to find the right health insurance isn’t always easy. In fact, today’s health insurance landscape can feel increasingly overwhelming, mainly because there are so many options to choose from. In order to pick the right health insurance plan, it’s important that you understand how health insurance actually works, what it covers and what it doesn’t, so that you know the money you spend on an insurance plan every month is money well-spent.