CareerGig Presenting at Newchip Accelerator Online Demo Week

CareerGig, a SaaS-based marketplace that connect freelancers and contractors with companies will be presenting at investor-centric global online event that brings together over 100 startups to prospective investors and partners across 15 industries and verticals.

Cision PRWeb: CareerGig Offers Freelancers Health Insurance and Benefits

As the U.S. unemployment rate remains high, CareerGig, an online SaaS-based platform launched today offering affordable insurance for freelancers. The platform also provides access to available freelance gigs and contract projects at top companies looking for candidates. On the hiring end, companies that sign up for the service will have access to state of the art verification services and immediate access to ready talent, reducing valuable internal time and resources, and can provide their 1099 workers with benefits through the platform.

What Every Freelancer Needs to Know About Savings Accounts

While there are numerous advantages to working as a freelancer, one of the biggest disadvantages is not having certain financial accounts set up for you automatically — most employers give full-time employees a retirement fund, as well as other savings types of accounts. Of course, you can absolutely set these accounts up for yourself as a freelancer, you just have to have the motivation (and knowledge) to get started.

What Freelancers Need to Know About Insurance

For a lot of self-employed individuals and freelancers, the cost of insurance can feel like a lot, especially since it’s coming directly out of your own pocket. Of course, the cost of not having insurance can be equally as high (if not significantly more). Insurance, whether home, auto, or health, ensures that you’re protected, especially in the case of emergencies and unforeseen disasters.

Tech Republic: New tech-platform CareerGig offers traditional benefits to contract workers

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a massive toll on the American economy, forcing employers to furlough workers and spurring massive unemployment—more than a million new claims are now filed in the US each week. And as COVID-19 continues to spread, a huge contingent of American workers will continue to be affected, and be forced to find alternate sources of income.

A Freelancer’s Guide to Understanding Dental Insurance

Maintaining good dental health is on nearly everyone’s list of things they want, which makes having great dental insurance even more important. Although it can still be tricky understanding what your dental insurance covers and which plan to choose, navigating dental insurance is far easier than looking at health insurance and all of the variables that come with it.

How to Effectively Work with Your Freelancers and Contractors

Almost any business can benefit from the extra help of freelancers and contractors. Not only do these flexible employees require less overhead (they typically get paid hourly or per project and then are finished once the task is complete), but oftentimes they can be located anywhere in the world, which makes finding the right match easier simply because there’s more talent to choose from.

Laid off? Now what? How about freelancing?

Facing job loss at the time of a pandemic is nothing anyone would embrace, and it’s possibly one of the most difficult challenges of your adult life, but you still have options. You could seek another job in your industry, a position suited to your unique skill set. In a strong jobs climate, this wouldn’t seem as much of a gamble as it does right now. Because, with the job market uncertain, what if you don’t find something right away, this month, or even this year?

Vision Insurance Basics for Freelancers

When shopping for vision insurance and vision care, you should understand all of the different plans and options available so that you can make the most informed decision. In general, vision care plans make sure that all of your routine vision needs (like eye exams, contact lenses, eyeglasses, etc.) are covered, although not always in full. Additionally, some vision care plans will offer discounts on certain procedures, including LASIK. When choosing a vision care plan, you’ll want to look closely at what the plan will cover and how much of the cost will be covered. Depending on your choice, you’ll pay a standard flat fee for vision services or a percentage of the total cost.