Declaring your independence as a freelancer

“Be in business for yourself but not by yourself.” This is the mantra of every franchisor to each potential franchisee when explaining the opportunity to own their own business.  Owning your own business means having employees, payroll, and many other…

A Freelancer’s Guide to Understanding Dental Insurance

Maintaining good dental health is on nearly everyone’s list of things they want, which makes having great dental insurance even more important. Although it can still be tricky understanding what your dental insurance covers and which plan to choose, navigating…

Fast Company: Here’s how to fix what’s sapping your team’s energy

Zoom happy hours? Check. Slack channels for #dogs and #sourdough? Check. Free meditation apps for everyone? Check. Businesses have thrown a lot of solutions at rising frustration, fatigue, and stress in the workplace. Is it working? The jury’s out. In June, the CDC reported that 40% of U.S. adults struggled with mental health and substance use issues associated with COVID-19.

PRESS RELEASE: Veteran Financial Markets Executive Joins CareerGig as CFO

CareerGig announced today that Brad Boyse will join CareerGig as Chief Financial Officer. In this position, he will be responsible for the overall financial stability of the company, and to help position CareerGig for optimal growth through revenue, capital raises, and strategic partnerships.

World Economic Forum: How COVID-19 has hit offshore freelancers – and how they can bounce back

COVID-19 has accelerated the trend toward remote work, as organizations adapted quickly to lockdowns by asking those employees able to do so to work home. Consequently, nearly 40% of employees have been working remotely in OECD member countries during the pandemic, an unprecedented shift in labour dynamics.

What Freelancers Should Know About Disability Insurance

If you get hurt and are unable to work, disability insurance can make sure that you continue to get the money you need to pay your main expenses. For the self-employed and freelancers, disability insurance can be even more important,…