Best Strategies to Find Top Talent in 2021

By Ariana Shannon

Your company’s growth is only as strong as the quality of talent you hire. Sure, technology significantly adds to a company’s ability to grow and perform well. But you need the right people to plan and execute performance strategies and make the best use of technology. 

Your recruiters and hiring managers should be able to identify and attract the best talent to your company. It’s not enough to know there’s plenty of talent out there and hope that they show up. 

Employee referral programs, sponsored job posting, attractive job descriptions, and campus interviews are all good ways to hire the candidates you’re looking for. Having said that, you need better ways to stand out in a job market and recruit the ideal employees your company needs.

4 Ways to Search for Best Candidates in 2021

Let’s look at some proven strategies to get the right talent for your company this year.

1. Use an on-demand talent acquisition and verification solution

Economic uncertainty, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, and rapid fluctuations in competition, markets, demand, and workforce requirements warrant the need to hire on-demand talent. On-demand talent acquisition allows companies to hire a skilled, verified, flexible, and best-fit workforce only as long as they really need it or where they need it. It helps overcome challenges like:

  • Full-time employment instability
  • Underutilization of on-site, full-time teams
  • Lack of new talent or fresh ideas
  • Adapting to flexible or remote working styles
  • Unforeseen layoffs followed by costly, time-consuming rehiring
  • Temporarily scaling up team size and laying off later

On-demand talent acquisition is great for companies to build a resilient workforce, stay productive even during tough times, avoid the expensive costs of firing and new hiring, and most importantly, hire perfect candidates for any role.

CareerGig’s Verified On-Demand Workforce is one of the best examples of all-in-one and on-demand recruiting, verification, skills assessment, and placement solution. It not only helps you find verified remote, freelance, contract, and hourly talent, but it also offers background verification and custom-built assessments and skills tests. Additionally, it allows you to offer health insurance and other benefits to your 1099 contractors at no additional cost. Besides, it can easily integrate with your existing ATS and HRIS platforms.

2. Don’t rely solely on resumes or CVs in your recruitment process

Let’s face it. A resume is no longer a consistent and reliable document that can tell who the candidate really is. Gone are the days when recruiters depended on resumes alone to evaluate candidates. 78% of job seekers lie during the hiring process, and 66% of hiring managers are willing to hire someone despite inflated claims. Further, 79% of US adults lied on their resumes, and nobody found out.

Besides potentially falsified information, a resume doesn’t present everything the candidate can bring to the table. It’s difficult and unjust to evaluate a candidate’s skill and knowledge level, cultural fit, behavior, and other important areas by simply reading their resume. It’s high time recruiters step up their game by rethinking the resume and leveraging advanced ways to evaluate candidates.

With that said, it’s not a wise decision to omit resumes from the candidate evaluation process altogether. However, skill assessments, behavioral tests, social profile assessments, video application evaluations, online portfolio assessments, and personal or professional website evaluations are better ways and constitute an all-embracing approach to test a candidate.

3. Leverage data intelligence to quickly reach the right candidates

Data intelligence helps fast-track your recruitment process by enabling you to immediately identify and connect with the perfect candidates for various roles. With access to accurate and clean contact data, you also don’t have to worry about the problem of data decay that slows down or completely ruins your recruitment process.

Employees change jobs, get promoted, relocate for personal or professional reasons, or change their email and contact numbers over time. If you don’t regularly update your candidate database, you are facing a major hindrance in your recruitment process.

Thanks to data intelligence, you can easily avoid data problems and ensure smooth hiring of the candidates you want. Leading data providers like SalesIntel help you take the guesswork out of your hiring, find ideal candidates even in a tight job marketplace, and always keep your candidate network expanding. SalesIntel maintains 95% data accuracy, reverifies its data every 90 days, and has over 6.2 million human-verified contacts. You can use its B2B contact data to get direct dials, mobile numbers, and email addresses of candidates your company needs.

According to a recent case study, a SaaS platform that helps sales recruiters to identify, evaluate, and engage the right sales professionals for any client-facing role can now find 50% more prospects using SalesIntel.

4. Use LinkedIn to engage qualified talent and accelerate recruitment

When it comes to recruitment, you can’t ignore the power of LinkedIn. This professional social networking site is a go-to platform for most recruiters. It helps with smart suggestions, candidate prioritization, advanced search filters and spotlights, easy job posting, and building employer credibility to connect with the right talent and speed up hiring.

With InMail, you can send personalized messages to any candidate on LinkedIn, whether or not they are your connection. LinkedIn Recruiter is an excellent tool for you to find, engage, and manage candidates. 75% of recruiters said they were more successful with LinkedIn Recruiter.

You can also use free tools like RevDriver to contact LinkedIn candidates faster through email, without having to wait on them to accept your connection request or respond to your InMail. RevDriver is a free Chrome extension that reveals accurate and verified direct contact information like direct dials, mobile numbers, and email addresses for anyone on LinkedIn. Freemium users get to reveal 100 contacts per month.


These smart and successful strategies are sure to help you find and hire exceptional talent even in a competitive job market. An additional tip to attract top talent is to present your company or job opening as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that candidates can’t afford to miss. Don’t forget to automate your recruitment process wherever possible. Automated recruitment helps you reduce recruiting time, increase recruiter productivity, identify and engage top candidates, and reduce cost-per-hire.

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