PRESS RELEASE: Technology Freelancer Marketplace Names Rachael Mahoney Co-CEO

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Strategy and venture capital joins technology executive at the head of SaaS-based startup.

PALO ALTO, CA – February 24, 2021

Freelancer marketplace technology company CareerGig has named co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer Rachael Mahoney as co-CEO and co-Chairman of the Board, the Palo Alto, California and Arlington, Virginia-based startup announced today. Co-founder and current CEO Greg Kihlstrom will also transition into the co-CEO role.

CareerGig, the online marketplace that provides diverse insurance, financial, and education benefits to freelancers and contractors looks to draw on its 850,000+ registered users to fulfill the hiring needs of companies that hire 1099 workers. As one of the world’s largest freelancer platforms matching freelancers and contractors to employers, CareerGig also provides independent access to guaranteed issue health, life, and disability insurance, education and training opportunities, and other financial services and benefits to freelancers within the 50 United States and the District of Columbia. 

“This shift in our leadership is a dynamic opportunity for both Greg and me to focus on what we do best, especially at this point in our growth. We have complementary skill sets and our diverse backgrounds have served us well,” said Ms. Mahoney.

The two executives have worked together in various capacities on multiple business ventures since 2003. Both have expressed deep respect and admiration for the other and shared that their long history is rare in the world of startups. For nearly two decades the two have combined their talents in various ventures including the first iteration of a product placement startup, digital marketing company and a CX/EX startup focused on developing SaaS based solutions leveraging neuroscience and technology to leverage intrinsic motivation and increase yield.

“Rachael’s unique perspective to look at the global landscape of the business brings added value in our joint roles,” said Mr. Kihlstrom. “With the two of us combining our strengths to lead CareerGig together is an exciting point in our continued growth.”

The move also better aligns CareerGig with its values of diversity as a key driver of growth and as a cornerstone of the future of the workforce. CareerGig joins the 14% of US startups with a female at the helm, and is at the forefront of leading technology companies towards greater diversity in its key executive roles. 

As a career entrepreneur with decades of strategy and venture capital experience, Ms. Mahoney’s role will focus on capital raise, revenue and strategic partnerships. With his background in workforce strategy, and building digital brands and experiences Mr. Kihlstrom will provide his expertise in creating CareerGig’s unique technology ecosystem in a way that aligns with the future of the workforce. Jointly they will be responsible for the vision, overall growth and management of the company.


Career benefits. Gig lifestyle. Choose both. Based in Arlington, VA and Palo Alto, CA, CareerGig is a SaaS technology platform and ecosystem that accelerates and optimizes human potential for the future of work. It matches freelance and contract workers to top employers, and with independent access to health, education, and financial benefits exclusively tailored for those in the gig economy. Incorporating blockchain and AI technology, CareerGig also provides employers the ability to hire qualified and verified talent through an accelerated and scalable state-of-the-art process. CareerGig helps individuals create freelance careers, and makes life easier and more secure for companies that hire them. Learn more at

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