CareerGig Announces Product Advisory Board

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CareerGig: A SaaS-based marketplace offers health, life, and financial benefits for freelance and contract talent

ARLINGTON, VA – February 4, 2021

CareerGig announced the introduction of a new Product Advisory Board. These four seasoned professionals will leverage their collective expertise to provide guidance to the company’s executive team through its continued growth and development as a freelance marketplace and hiring industry leader.

“We are very excited for this important milestone for CareerGig,” said Greg Kihlstrom, CEO and Co-Founder of CareerGig. “We took the time to select and invite the individuals whose contributions to their respective industries have been significant, and their expertise will undoubtedly help CareerGig navigate its way moving forward.”

CareerGig is an online SaaS-based marketplace platform providing freelancers access to available gigs and contract projects at top companies looking for candidates. This community marketplace offers 1099 workers a robust menu of tailored-for-freelancer offerings of health, dental, vision, life and disability insurance, among a selection of other benefits at no cost to the companies hiring them. 

“Careergig is one of those rare companies at the intersection of flexibility and accessibility for the modern worker,” said Ian Koons, Senior Healthcare Executive and Entrepreneur. “I’m happy to be a part of the Board and looking forward to contributing in its future growth.”

Product Advisory Board Members:

Ritesh Johar – Chief Technology Officer, and former CTO

Ian Koons – Senior Healthcare Executive and Entrepreneur

Charlie Oliver – Founder/CEO, TECH 2025

Josh Olson – Head of Experience Solutions & GSI Sales, WW, VMware

Claudia Silon – Managing Director,

“With the rapid growth of the freelance economy and the increasing demand for skilled workers who can help organizations to innovate and solve the huge challenges ahead of them due to the pandemic, CareerGig’s mission to help companies accelerate and optimize human potential is both visionary and timely. I look forward to being a member of their Product Advisory Board and to working with them to define the future of work,” said Charlie Oliver, Founder and CEO of Tech 2025.



Career benefits. Gig lifestyle. Choose both. CareerGig is a SaaS technology platform and ecosystem that matches freelance and contract workers to top employers, and with independent access to health and financial benefits exclusively tailored for those in the gig economy. Incorporating blockchain and AI technology, CareerGig also provides employers the ability to hire qualified and verified talent through an accelerated and scalable state-of-the-art process. CareerGig helps individuals create freelance careers, and makes life easier and more secure for companies that hire them. Learn more at

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