The Agile Workforce is Here

I am excited to announce our acquisition of Moonlighting and our steps to revolutionize the future of work.  In the coming days, we will be rolling out new features and improving the freelancer experience for our combined audiences. 

The world of work has been changing long before recent events. Changes in remote work have demonstrated that distributed teams can be greatly effective, and in some cases even more productive. Nearly 40% of the U.S. workforce is engaging in freelance or gig work, and this figure is increasing year over year. There are new jobs and roles that didn’t exist even a few years ago, and some that exist today will either be replaced or forever changed by automation. 

The future of work, as some have described it, is already here, though for us there is much left to improve. In order to truly thrive, we need an environment that is able to train, identify, verify, hire, and eventually upskill or reskill those same individuals to start the process again. This is how we at CareerGig define the agile workforce. 

CareerGig has a vision for the future of work: we will accelerate and optimize human potential. 

Our vision includes creating a better world of work for both individuals and companies. It embraces the growth of independent workers by providing them with benefits and support that freelancers have long needed. It is realistic about the growth of automation in the workforce by making upskilling and reskilling part of the lifecycle. Additionally, it is game changing to companies that need to find and hire the best talent in a world where old school resumes, easily gamed ratings systems, and simplistic matching engines fail to meet their demands and leave critical positions unfilled. 

Our vision is enabled by our fast-growing community of freelancers and companies, our team, and our partners. With our acquisition of Moonlighting, we are thrilled to reach an audience of over 850,000 freelancers and continue to improve our agile workforce optimization engine. 

We all deserve a better future of work. At CareerGig, we will settle for nothing less than empowering both individuals and companies to reach their fullest potential.