Gift-Giving Etiquette: How to Give Gifts in the Workplace [Infographic]

The holidays are a little different this year. You and your team may still be working from home, or going into the office a little differently than you used to. While this new season may have been exactly what you’re looking for to kickstart the New Year, there may be some things you’re wondering about — how to give gifts in the workplace.

Last year it may have been simple. Most offices partake in a Secret Santa with set budget limits. That way you and your team don’t overspend on gifts, and you’re not stressed about buying things for everyone on your team. This may have taken the stress out of shopping, and your budget. But, this holiday, things are different. Your team may opt to celebrate via the video screen rather than celebrating over a few drinks or a holiday office party.

To answer your office gift-giving and holiday spending questions, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading for tips to give gifts in the office and some common dos and don’ts when doing so.

How to Give Gifts in the Workplace

If your team is still throwing their regular holiday party, you may not worry about gift-giving. But, if you’re new to the scene, and/or your office decided to give gifts virtually, you may have a few questions. What should you get your team? Should you buy gifts this year? How much should you spend? And, if you’re having a virtual holiday party, what should your main event be?

These are all valid questions, and completely normal to ask. When prepping for this event, you could reach out to your team, or the worldwide web to answer your questions. To help, we created a full infographic below sharing different gifts ideas for your whole team. That could be your employees, coworkers, or boss. No matter how much you spend, every gift means so much (especially during this time). So, as always, don’t feel pressured to take on debt if you feel you can’t afford office gifts this year.

The Dos and the Don’ts

Now, gift giving in the office may sometimes be a little confusing. You may not know the recipient well enough to know exactly what to get them. Yet, you may not want to give anything too broad. Then, you have to think about how you’ll go about gifting them (especially when working remotely), and everything else that comes into play.

To see common dos and don’ts when giving gifts in the workplace, keep reading or check out Mint’s helpful infographic below.

Do: Assign Gift Exchange Partners

To make things a little less stressful, consider opting for a gift exchange, Secret Santa situation. That way, you and your team will be able to focus on gifting one person this holiday season, rather than your whole team. Take things a step further and assign gifting budget limits. Some team members may be able to gift over $200 to someone, while others may only want to contribute $20. And, that’s okay! Be clear with your team on not going over the spending limit and sharing gifts with one person.

The holidays are meant for fun and games — emphasize that! For members that may choose not to participate, that’s also okay!

Don’t: Leave Anyone Out (Publicly)

Now, if you have the budget to give others on your team, you may want to do it when no one else is around. Sharing gifts with some members when you have not bought for the whole team may be discouraging. While you may have made great friends amongst your team, you don’t want anyone to feel left out of the holiday festivities.

If you’re great friends already, you may be able to ship their gifts to them directly. If your team is still in the office, you may give it to them after work while walking out, or gift it to them during a one-on-one meeting. As always, be mindful of your team to ensure nobody is excluded, or feels discouraged during the holiday season.

Do: Set Spending Limits

As mentioned above, you may want to set spending limits. Not only does this alleviate stress, but it could avoid any discouragement. Some teams may be willing to spend hundreds of dollars on the perfect gift, while others may only want to spend a quarter of that. Be mindful of your team and be understanding if they choose to opt out this holiday season. Especially this year, these times may have affected more than we know. To keep the holidays bright and cheery, be mindful of your team’s wishes.

If you do choose to give gifts to more than one person on your team, you may want to do it within the budget limit and ensure nobody is left out to keep this a lighthearted team activity/celebration.

Don’t: Feel Guilty Receiving Gifts

Now, if you do opt out of office gift-giving, don’t feel guilty! If you’re not feeling up to the festivities this season, that is completely okay. Keep in mind though, there may be members of your team that will give you gifts even though you may not have given them one back. That, too, is okay!

Be thankful and grateful for their generosity. But you don’t have to feel pressured to buy anyone on your team or top other presents. If you like to give gifts, by all means, give gifts to those you choose. If someone outside of those that you bought gifts for, bought you a gift, tell them how much you appreciate it.

No matter what this holiday holds for you and your team, we wish you all the best this holiday season!

How to Give Gifts in the Office

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