8 Lucrative Side Hustles Writers Need To Know

A little extra money on the side never hurts and writers are well-placed to discover new and lucrative side hustles while they pursue their main goal. Leveraging all the varied opportunities for making money as a writer can liberate you from a 9-5 job, giving you control over your life and the opportunity to focus on your writing as a practice and a craft. Here are 8 lucrative side hustles that writers need to know.

1) Build A Blog For Passive Income

Starting your own blog is the easiest way a writer can begin to generate some additional income on the side. As a writer it’s likely you’ve kept a journal in the past so you may even already have a number of blog posts ready to go – collating these on the web, alongside other thoughts, travel journals or How-Tos can create instant content.

Once you have an established audience you can monetize through affiliate links and Pay-Per-Click ads. A low maintenance blog will be an easy side hustle for established writers.

2) Ghost Blogging

As well as your own blog, you can make good money ghost-blogging for other platforms. Writing blogs for other sites is a great way to turn your writing skills into cold hard cash as these blogs are in constant need of fresh content to keep their audience engaged.

Blog posts will usually be between 700 and 2000 words long and can be on any number of topics. Reach out to different blogs to offer your skills, and to find out what rates of pay are offered.

3) Join Medium Partners

“Medium is a popular blogging platform where hot takes on politics and life appear daily,” says Robert Stacy, a writer at Gumessays and Draftbeyond. “With a readymade audience, this is a great place to start publishing your work.”

You can monetize your writing through Medium Partners and get paid based on how popular your content is. By producing engaging content and publishing on Medium you’ll find a readymade audience who’ll love your work.

4) Self-Publish A Book

Got a lot to say? You could probably fill a book with your ideas, so why don’t you! Self-publishing a book is easier than ever before – all you need to do is upload your draft, make some easy design choices and voila, you have an ebook to sell.

Publishing ebooks for Kindle is easy through Amazon and there’s a huge market for these ebooks. Whether you’re publishing engrossing crime fiction with the scope for a series or collating all your writing wisdom in the form of a guide, self-publishing a book is the way to go.

5) Find Work On Textbroker

Textbroker is a great side hustle for writers because it’s easy to pick up work whenever you have a few hours to spare. When you sign up to Textbroker you have to provide a few samples of your work – this will give you a star rating that determines the quality of your work, and how much you get paid.

Once you have your rating you can explore the jobs on offer to find a briefing that fits your skill set – then it’s as simple as getting to work.

6) Become An Editor

“Any writer has a strong grasp of language which gives them valuable skills,” says
Ethel Perrin, a content writer at Lucky Assignments and Writinity. “A great side hustle for writers is to turn their hand at editing others’ work. There are so many people out there who want to write but lack your writing talent, so lend a hand by editing others’ work.”

You can edit anything from blog posts to whole books, helping folks fine tune their writing with the skills you’ve developed over your own career.

7) Find Writing Work On a Freelance Platform

Upwork, Guru, Fiverr, and Moonlighting are platforms that bring writers and clients together so these are great places to find some work on the side. Anyone from writers to graphic designers to programmers are using these services to network with clients.

If this wasn’t enough, there’s also Freelancer, an equally lucrative, similar platform that offers proofreading jobs, copywriting roles, ghostwriting and more! With new jobs added every second, you’re sure to quickly find writing work that suits you.

8) Go Social

The digital era means there are so many opportunities for writing beyond the traditional jobs. Writers are naturally suited for roles managing social media accounts because they can whip up engaging copy in seconds. If you have an eye for design as well as a way with words, you can become a social media consultant and brands and other writers boost engagement across the web, combining images and text for great social content.

Signing Off

There’s a whole world of work just waiting for you on various platforms across the web. You’ve already got the skills, now you just need to find the clients.

Ashley Halsey is a professional writer, tutor and consultant who has been published in print and digital. She trained as a teacher before discovering her passion for writing and flourishing into many disciplines.

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