Freelancing Could Be The Next Chapter in Your Career

Now that you have taken the last two months to get to know your families again, walk the dog during the day, and eat every family meal together, you may be realizing that you have been missing the life part of the work-life balance equation.

The thought of jumping back on the hamster wheel has you wondering if there is another way – another path to growing your career  Before you go back to frantically getting out of the house in the morning, participating in the morning commute to the office, the 9-10 hour work day, then the commute home -it’s time to consider the alternatives.

57 Million Americans earn income through freelance and contract work. 

This means that millions of people have made a full-time job and have a proven history of successfully creating a work-life balance by being a freelancer, independent contractor, or consultants.  Whatever the name, these individuals decide when they work, where they work and who they work for. This may sound like a dream, but for millions it is a reality

There are 5 questions you should ask yourself, in order to take stock in your life and identify the options you have:

  1. What do I really love about my job?  
    Identify the specific elements you REALLY love about your job.  What are the things you secretly (or maybe not so secretly) get excited about when they land on your desk.  If this does not happen at your current job, write down what you would really like to do.  If you need help getting started, take this career assessment to get some ideas.
  2. Does my employer offer flexible schedules?  
    Find out if your current employer or other employers in your industry hire independent contractors.
  3. Where would I go to find projects and work opportunities? 
    Do your homework to understand what it takes to find freelance and contracting jobs. A great place to start is right here on CareerGig. Make sure you’re signed up on our platform that will match you with top employers, plus get access to health and financial benefits exclusively for freelancers and contractors. Do I know anyone who is a freelancer? 
    Getting some insight from someone who has been successful at navigating the freelancer world may help you understand some of the challenges that you might face.
  4. Can I do this kind of work? 
    This part is the reality check for yourself, by asking do you have the skills, internal drive to work for yourself.  Make sure your skills are current and represent best in class for the projects you would be seeking.  Talk to potential references and get their honest feedback on your work.

Getting beyond the idea of being in control of your work-life balance could bring you to the conclusion that this control can lead to greater opportunities. 

This is the year we all never imagined would ever happen, but it has made us all decide what is it we want and for many of us, we want to be in control of our careers. Take the steps to drive your own career in a way that gives you career fulfilment and personal satisfaction — a true work-life balance. 

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