Fast Company: Here’s how to fix what’s sapping your team’s energy

Zoom happy hours? Check. Slack channels for #dogs and #sourdough? Check. Free meditation apps for everyone? Check. Businesses have thrown a lot of solutions at rising frustration, fatigue, and stress in the workplace. Is it working? The jury’s out. In June, the CDC reported that 40% of U.S. adults struggled with mental health and substance use issues associated with COVID-19.

Workplace stress came up strongly on a video call I hosted recently with members of World 50, a private community of business leaders who meet to discover ideas and build lasting relationships, and are partners in our Go Forward to Work research with Harvard. During group calls, we share best practices that leading organizations are adopting in a time of unprecedented volatility. On the topic of resilience, we burrowed into frustration and fatigue, from performance pressure and worries over balancing work and childcare, to racial injustice.

A thoughtful leader’s job is to identify the unique sources of stress in our organizations. With a clear set of actions, you can change the game for a lot of people, yielding winning and engaged mindsets.

Read Here’s how to fix what’s sapping your team’s energy

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