CareerGig Connects Freelancers and Companies Needing Work

A new startup in Clarendon is riding the wave of workers who took the freelancing plunge this year due to the pandemic.

CareerGig (3100 Clarendon Blvd), which officially started operating in July, provides to freelancers the health and retirement benefits that a full-time employee might enjoy, and triple-verifies the qualifications of freelancers for companies that lack the time and resources to do deep dives themselves.

And CareerGig founder Greg Kihlström recently received confirmation that his idea could be profitable.

Last week, CareerGig participated in the Newchip Accelerator’s Online Demo Week, a three-day global online event that allows invited startups to present their companies to potential investors. Being recognized by Newchip will make it easier for CareerGig to raise money, he said.

Like platforms such as UpWork, CareerGig helps freelancers find work, but primarily the company provides independent contractors with health, life and disability insurance, vision and dental coverage, retirement plans and paid time off.

“I’ve been freelancing since the late ’90s,” Kihlström said. “What we saw lacking was how do independents take care of the rest of their lives.”

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