Get Your Business Growing Again During and Post-COVID

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For many companies it will be challenging to get back to pre-COVID business and employee levels any time soon, and the experience of the last several months has led many companies to reconsider and reimagine what their ideal workforce could look like. 

Many challenges have arisen during the global pandemic, but some specific challenges include:

  • A non-motivated workforce
  • Former employees have been hired by another business
  • There is not enough cash flow to hire back employees full time
  • Companies who have only used W-2 employees before don’t want the added hassle of contractors
  • Consistent presence of general uncertainty

Many companies have laid off or furloughed full-time employees due to economic uncertainty and are now in the position to need to scale back up. The question remains of whether to re-fill those positions with full-time W-2 employees, or create a more hybrid mix of full-time and 1099 contractors. Contractors have the benefit of giving you the flexibility to grow with verified, high skilled talent at the right pace and the right price for your business.

To get your business growing again during and post-COVID, let’s start by taking a look at the past, present, and future state of your business.

Past: Reflect on where you were pre-pandemic. 

What was your vision, your strategy and your prior trajectory? Don’t just look back with longing to the good ol’ days here. Reflect on where you were pre pandemic. What was your vision, your strategy and your prior trajectory?

  • It’s important to be honest and somewhat critical.  
  • Human nature often leads us to focus primarily on the good when looking back (that’s where the phrase the good ol’ days comes from), but we also need to examine how we can improve.
    As you look back at processes and systems you had in place during the relatively easy times, find areas that could have been improved, but weren’t as critical to your success at the time.  
  • Solving for pre-COVID inefficiencies will be necessary to move your business forward. 

Present: Assess-your current state.  

Are your offerings more or less relevant today?  What is the potential for your business in the current marketplace? 

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Future: Respond to current circumstances by building a flexible plan that can adjust to constantly changing  

When it comes to the future, it is always challenging to determine the best way to move forward.  This is where we are seeing many businesses utilize a mix of contractors and full-time employees to create a hybrid workforce.  Whether you had to layoff or furlough employees for your business to survive you may be reticent to hire those people back and have to go through the same process at some point in the near future.  The former employees may also have moved on to other opportunities or be hesitant to come back to your business.  In this situation contract workers can be a great solution.  

So how can you not just get back to normal, but actually rebound and grow? 

Here are a few ideas:

  • Reset or realign-based on your assessment reset or realign your vision, purpose, goals.
  • Redirect resources to have the most impact in the near future without negatively impacting your long term plans
  • Build a bridge using contract workers without risking your brand
  • Rethink work…rethink opportunities
  • Maintaining and growing a culture which includes a hybrid workforce

Contract workers, especially through CareerGig, offer you the unique opportunity to find talented people for your business, often at a lesser overall cost than employees.  Many businesses avoid contract employees due to the complexity of hiring them or because they feel responsible to offer benefits to the workers who are an important part of the business’ success.  

CareerGig helps in both cases.  

  • Our freelancer marketplace is easy to use.  It makes finding, negotiating, hiring and paying contract employees simple and straightforward. 
  • We also offer an impressive list of benefits with impressively low barriers to entry 

CareerGig can help by assisting you with the creation of a hybrid workforce. This includes full-time employees and highly skilled contractors that make up a Verified On-Demand Workforce™. So start planning how your business is going to rebound, and get started today.