Top 6 Benefits Of An Automated Recruitment Process

Recruitment is a time-consuming process, involving a range of different tasks. From supporting companies in finding the best talent, to reducing time to hire a candidate, to creating a more consistent recruitment process, an automated recruitment process can provide companies of all sizes with variety of benefits. Here are 6 ways an automated recruitment process could be used to improve your company’s hiring process.

Filter And Pre-Screen Candidates

Using an automated recruitment process, members of the HR team as well as line managers can collaboratively edit job specifications and requirements. These parameters are then used to automatically screen applications and filter out candidates who do not meet the required criteria. This not only helps to speed up the hiring process, but also reduces the amount of manual work required.

“An automated recruitment process can also be a great addition if you’re looking to use video interviews as part of your initial screening process,” says Donald Seeley, a business writer at UK writings and Academized. “You can use the automated services to provide candidates with a selection of questions which they are required to answer as part of a video interview and distribute this automatically to selected candidates. Candidates can then complete these in their own time, allowing you to review all video interviews at once and compare different candidates as part of your initial screening process.”

Create Bespoke Talent Pipelines

By building up a high-quality branded talent pipeline you can significantly reduce your recruitment process. Rather than having to advertise to multiple sites or platforms, you can focus on sourcing candidates directly from your existing talent community. These individuals will be known candidates, meaning that they are likely to be more engaged and will have already been pre-screened.

Remote Recruitment

Another key benefit of an automated recruitment process is that it can be conducted from anywhere, at any time. You are not tied to a physical office location to successfully and efficiently hire a new employee. This is especially useful and important for companies who’s employees work remotely. Additionally, this also helps speed up the hiring process. Using a mobile recruiting app gives you the ability to access real-time candidate information, and check on the schedule for interviews remotely.

Automate Interview Scheduling

One of the most manually time-consuming aspects of the recruitment process can be scheduling interviews. By using an automated service, you are able to remove yourself from the process, freeing up time and reducing manual work. Simply allow the interview scheduling software to share available interview time slots with candidates from which they can choose their preferred time for their own interview. You can also provide them with an option to reschedule.

Alternatively, you can also use scheduling software to track candidates’ applications and their progress. Once they have been successfully selected for an interview, the system can automatically place them in an available interview slot. Moreover, you can pre-build the availability and scheduling to ensure that it is in sync with the schedules of all line managers and HR team members involved. In this way, your team is able to continue working uninterrupted.

Generate Automated Offers And Rejections

By using the automated process from the beginning, you will already have all of the candidate’s information in your system.

“Once a candidate has been chosen, you simply have to update the HR system with this information. The system will then be able to automatically generate all the relevant paperwork and documents needed, including an offer letter and contract. Additionally, the system will also be able automatically generate rejection letters which you can send to unsuccessful candidates,” says Patricia Barrow, a tech blogger at OX Essays and Boom essays.

Utilize Employee Onboarding Time

While you are waiting for your chosen candidate to begin their first day at work, they will be in a phase termed as employee onboarding. Again, an automated recruitment process can be used to help you and your new employee make the most of this time. For example, you can send your new employee welcome emails and even set them up with required access, such as IT. The program can also be used to arrange a new employees’ induction, as well as any required training programs.


An automated recruitment process not only allows you to fill vacancies more quickly and efficiently, but it also reduces the amount of manual work required by your team, thereby improving their productivity. Similarly, the automated process also helps to streamline your data collection and support you in finding the best candidate for the role.

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