Forbes: Improving The Freelancer Experience To Increase Productivity

Greg is CEO of CareerGig, host of the Agile World podcast, and author of The Agile Consumer.

The freelance economy is currently contributing $1.2 trillion to the U.S. economy, growing 22% since 2019. This rapid growth was already developing before Covid-19 became widespread, though the global pandemic and the remote working, layoffs, furloughs and other byproducts of this massive shift in the workforce will undoubtedly continue to increase.

There are several benefits of building a hybrid workforce of both full-time salaried and 1099 contractors, including increased flexibility, the ability to hire highly specialized talent for targeted projects, and a reduction in overhead costs. Despite these benefits, companies that make this transition also need to ensure that their 1099 and freelance talent experience is set up to be successful.

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Greg Kihlstrom

Written by Greg Kihlstrom

Greg is the CEO and Co-Founder of CareerGig.

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