Workforce Flexibility Is No Longer a Good Idea — It Is Imperative

By Greg Kihlstrom

While there is great uncertainty in many industries and in the economy at large, companies of all sizes still need viable plans to maintain strong workforces, whatever the outcomes might be. Because of the many unknowns we’re all dealing with — from how long COVID-19 restrictions may last to any long-term ramifications of the pandemic — it is imperative that organizations maintain increased fluidity in their staffing strategies.

On that note, increasing your utilization of 1099 workers compared to W-2 salaried employees is one viable way to increase flexibility. Adjusting your staffing mix in this way gives your organization the ability to expand and contract as internal and external factors demand.

But how exactly can an organization create such a blended workforce? Let’s explore a few key aspects of any successful effort to shift to a more flexible workforce: 

Read: Workforce Flexibility Is No Longer a Good Idea — It Is Imperative. 

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