Forbes: How To Bring A Greater Diversity Of Ideas To Your Teams

by Greg Kihlstrom, CEO and Co-Founder of CareerGig

The old cliché goes something like, “If your only tool is a hammer, then every problem looks like a nail.” While hammers do a fine job with a limited set of problems (putting nails in walls, for instance), there is a reason why a toolbox has a variety of different tools in it. Not every problem can be solved with the same approach, and having as diverse a toolbox as possible means that you can ensure that you are best equipped for whatever project or task comes your way.

Like a toolbox, having a diverse workforce brings a greater wealth of ideas, approaches and problem-solving capabilities. In my career, I’ve worked as a consultant to help companies of all sizes — from Fortune 100 corporations to small nonprofits — optimize their employee experience to drive organizational growth. I’ve often recommended a diversified approach to talent, and successful organizations are able to translate this into tangible business results. Let’s explore three dimensions of diversity that you can start to apply to your workforce to get better results.

Read: How To Bring A Greater Diversity Of Ideas To Your Teams

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