Pandemic Tech News: Now You Can Hire A Contractor Or Freelancer Free Of Covid-19

Starting Tuesday, September 8th you can take advantage of a new partnership between CareerGig and COVID PreCheck which allows you to quickly identify job candidates at lower COVID-19 risk, who might therefore be able to safely interact with other staff members or the general public. Through this partnership, companies hiring 1099 workers and freelancers can quickly access and hire eligible candidates who have already attained the COVID PreCheck status which follows CDC guidelines of being able to return to work. This feature on the CareerGig platform also allows candidates to share if they have tested negative for coronavirus.

CareerGig is an online SaaS-based platform that offers affordable and independent health insurance for freelancers and available freelance and contract projects at top companies looking for candidates. On the hiring end, companies that sign up on the platform will have access to immediate talent and state-of-the-art verification services, including COVID PreCheck, therefore reducing valuable internal time and resources.

“At CareerGig, our goal is to build the most trustworthy platform that companies can use to hire freelancers and 1099 contractors. Providing qualified, ready to work talent to our company partners efficiently, combined with the assurance that candidates being considered have access to a service such as COVID PreCheck, is something we value especially at this time,” said Greg Kihlstrom, CEO of CareerGig. “Freelancers’ health and well-being is important to us, and it’s equally important to help lighten anxieties in the workspaces of companies who have the need for workers participating in the gig economy.”

Read: Now You Can Hire A Contractor Or Freelancer Free Of Covid-19

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