How to Turn Your Pop Culture Knowledge into Career Opportunities

Do you have a vast knowledge of pop culture? Are you that kind of person who always can tell what’s new in the lives of Billie Eilish and Hailey Bieber? If so, you should think about starting a new career!

You should realize that your pop culture knowledge is your competitive advantage in the labor market. You just need to learn how to use it right.

Let’s talk about career opportunities for writers and graphic designers, and discuss how to apply pop culture knowledge to succeed in other fields.

Career opportunities for writers

Are you good at writing? If so, you can build a successful career in pop culture. Here are a few popular job options for you:

  • Work as a staff or freelance writer—create short stories about celebrities and write about scandals.
  • Try yourself in the role of a content creator—write copy for pop culture blogs or create page descriptions for niche websites.
  • Work as a reviewer for publishing companies—write about new movies, music videos, and pop culture events.
  • Become a journalist—get a chance to invite famous singers and actors to interviews.
  • Become a content strategist—take responsibility for choosing topics to discuss on your publishing platform.
  • Do editorial work for websites or magazines.
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Are you thinking about starting a new career, but feel like you still are not ready to leave your current job? Here is a solution for you. Try to work as a freelance writer part-time with Moonlighting or at niche websites like Topessaywriting for a month or two. This experience will help you to understand whether you should choose a new career path.

Career opportunities for graphic designers

Are you passionate about two things in life: graphic design and pop culture? Here is what you can do to pursue your passion:

  • Design fancy magazine covers
  • Create logo designs for pop culture brands, websites, and events
  • Design posters for movie and events
  • Create hilarious memes for social media (yep, that’s a real job!)

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  • Design visual content for websites devoted to pop culture
  • Create fun or explanatory infographics
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Do you want to work in this field but don’t have graphic skills? It’s not a big problem. You can sign up for Coursera, SkillShare, or Udemy courses and study online. Fortunately, today we can master new skills without attending college.

Strive for more and dream big

Some people tend to believe that creating memes for Facebook or working for paper writing websites, for example, they will never achieve their “big career goals”. However, it’s not true. If you know how to create a meme that will go viral on social media—you already have high chances to succeed.

Whatever your “big goal” is, you should start small. One can’t become an art director of a prestigious magazine overnight, right? For getting a managerial role, you should gain experience in the field and master multiple skills.

Do you want to be successful in a year? Apply your pop culture knowledge in various ways and make little steps toward your big goal every day.

Consume pop culture knowledge mindfully

It isn’t only writers and graphic designers who can benefit from pop culture knowledge. If you start consuming new information mindfully, you can improve your soft and hard skills and advance in your career no matter in which field you work.

You can learn something new from every Netflix series you watch, and every song you listen to. Don’t you believe so? Here are a few examples that will prove this fact:

Teamwork lessons from “Avengers”

Whether you are a marketer, mobile app developer, or project manager, you can learn teamwork lessons from Avengers:

  • When you are working on a team project, put aside your own ego and be collaborative
  • Remember that each team member is important and that everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses
  • Always consult the team before making a big decision

Leadership Lessons from “Succession”

Have you watched HBO’s hit drama Succession? It tells the story about the wealthy family in which members are trying to get to the top of the father’s media empire. If you watch this drama attentively, you will learn three important leadership lessons:

  • Listen wisely to everyone you meet on your way
  • Don’t use fear as a tool to motivate people; it will not help you to achieve high results
  • Be an authentic leader—people will respect you and believe that you know what you are doing

Business lessons from “Schindler’s list”

Schindler’s List is not just one of the most powerful films about the Holocaust. It’s also one of the best movies about leadership. Everyone in business must watch Schindler’s List and learn the following lessons:

  • A good leader is one who can admit his own mistakes
  • Transformational leaders can achieve higher results than autocratic leaders
  • One person can make a world of difference to the lives of many people
  • Every business owner must find a way to give back to society

Your pop culture knowledge is your valuable asset

As you can see, pop culture knowledge can benefit your professional life a lot. So whatever your major is, keep gaining new experience, be persistent, and work hard toward your goals. Good luck!

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