How to Spot and Avoid Work From Home Scams

Work from home opportunities have been on a meteoric rise since the break of COVID-19. With so many displaced from work, it’s becoming the new normal for many industries of work. However, one downfall to the demand for “WFH” jobs is bad players in the space. Scams run rampant surrounding these types of opportunities causing many not to trust anything that says “work from home”. Some good news… There are many legitimate WFH opportunities. Here are some pointers on spotting scams and where to find the real work from home jobs. 

Spot Scams

Job Descriptions

Pay close attention to the descriptions of the job offering. If it’s very short and offers little detail, that’s a red flag. Most real jobs have a long list of qualifications, recommended or preferred skills, and information about the job duties. 

Contact Information

If the person you are talking to is using a Gmail and not a professional work domain with an associated website, be leary. Double-check their name and profile picture with reputable sources like LinkedIn. We recommend doing a quick Google search of the company name and person contacting you. If it’s a company you’ve never heard of and Google has little or no information, that’s a red flag. 

Request for Personal Information or Payment

If the job contact is requesting a fee before getting started, this is a major red flag. Never give out your SSN, identification, or address without first confirming the employer is legitimate. This is especially important if you haven’t even conducted a phone or online video interview. 

Report Scams

If you suspect that you have been scammed, report it immediately. If you’ve given out financial information, contact your bank or credit card company and report it to your state’s attorney general or any number of other authorities.

Find Legitimate Work From Home Jobs

Now that you know how to spot red flags, you can begin looking for real work from home opportunities. Moonlighting alone has over 250,000 verified work from home opportunities. These are real companies that are in need of workers right now. There are a variety of jobs from the tech field, medical field, education, and more. 

Stand Out to Potential Employers

Before searching or applying for any job opportunity,  make sure you have a professional candidate profile. Complete your Moonlighting profile with your relevant work experience, a professional profile picture, and links to your website or LinkedIn profile so that the potential employer can see your relevant experience. Once you get past the application process, be ready to conduct an online interview either by video chat or phone. 

Create a free profile on Moonlighting and begin your search for a real work from home job. 

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