5 Secrets to Become Seriously Successful as a Freelancer

There’s a big difference between someone who freelances and someone who makes a living as a freelancer. In order to find yourself in the latter group, there are a few things you should start doing today. Becoming a professional freelancer isn’t difficult, especially when you have the skills necessary to deliver outstanding work. However, in order to become truly successful you have to commit to what you’re doing, which means showing up day after day and following the advice of other successful freelancers.

Here are five secrets to becoming a seriously successful freelancer…

1. Understand the “Gig Career Trifecta”. The trifecta is created by leveraging skill, satisfaction, and speed. What can you do with your skills that you enjoy doing and can get done rather quickly? Once you find the answer, you’re on your way to understanding how to have the most success as a full-time freelancer. 

2. Define your brand. As a freelancer, you are your brand, which means it’s important to determine what that is exactly. For starters, are you a premium brand or a basic brand? Or, in other words, do you make money doing fewer jobs for more or more jobs for less money? Both can be highly effective, but you have to know where you are on the spectrum. 

3. Know the rules. As a full-time freelancer, you’re responsible for your own success, which means you have to know the rules to freelancing and play by them. Understanding things like taxes, insurance, and contracts from the very beginning will make sure you’re setting yourself up for long-term success.

4. Embrace sales and marketing. As your own brand, you have to take responsibility for both sales and marketing. The better you understand how to bring in customers and give them a great experience, the more success you’ll have as a freelancer. 

5. Get organized. The best freelancers treat their gigs like a full-time job, taking the time to deliver professional work without excuses. The more organized you can be with the work you do, the more you’ll be able to deliver gigs on time, which means the more gigs you’ll end up getting. 

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