How to Get Full-Time Benefits as a Freelancer with CareerGig

One of the main reasons many talented professionals never take freelancing seriously is because they’re worried about benefits. While full-time freelancing can give you a lot of amazing advantages (like the lifestyle you’ve been dreaming out), it rarely can offer you the benefits of a full-time 9-to-5 career. Because of this, a lot of professionals never pursue freelancing because they want the safety and security of career or corporate benefits.

Thankfully, CareerGig is changing all of that.

Freelancers who work on CareerGig have access to six different kinds of benefits to ensure them that they are covered if and when anything would ever happen. These benefits offered by CareerGig include:1. Health Insurance. Protect you and your loved ones by finding the right health insurance. Know you are covered when it comes to regular appointments, as well as unexpected emergencies. 
2. Dental Insurance. Getting the right dental insurance for you and your family will help make sure you’re covered for both routine checkups to critical procedures.
3. Vision Insurance. Vision insurance is a key part of ensuring you and your are not hit with the cost unexpected expenses for appointments, glasses, or contact lenses. 
4. Disability Insurance. Provide stability no matter what happens. If you get hurt and are unable to work, disability insurance can make sure that you continue to get the money you need to pay your main expenses. This can often be even more important for freelancers and the self-employed.
5. Life Insurance. Protect those you care about most with a life insurance contract that guarantees a payment is made to beneficiaries after death. If something were to ever happen to you, the people you love most would be cared for.
6. Health Savings Accounts (HSAs). Save for your current health needs and your future retirement with Health Savings Accounts. Saving money is tax-free and can be used on health expenses. And, after you turn 65, your HSA becomes a retirement account. 

Eligibility requirements vary based on the product you are interested in, though all require you to be a Premium or Professional CareerGig subscriber. You can learn more about eligibility requirements here.

We are adding more benefits all the time. Make sure to check our Freelancer Benefits page for the latest information.