Hiring Freelancers: The Importance of Background Checks

Hiring used to be one of the most important parts of running a successful business. Hire the right person, and everything goes smoothly. Hire the wrong person, and you quickly regret not choosing someone else. Of course, hiring is still an incredibly critical component of business success. Unfortunately, too many businesses rush the process, especially when it comes to choosing a freelancer to work with. 

Because freelancers move quickly, and are easy to find, businesses have seemed to forget that having an intelligent hiring process is still possible. Instead, employers have matched the fast-paced habits of freelancers, making hiring decisions in record time. Not that this pace is necessarily a bad thing. In a lot of cases, the ability to move quickly and agilely is what sets successful small businesses apart from others. But, if the wrong freelancer gets hired, then moving fast is the last thing you’ll be doing because you’ll be starting at square one all over again when you hire your next contractor.

Thankfully, there is a way to move quickly and hire intelligently: online background checks. Expedient and easy, these simple background checks can make your hiring process more efficient, giving you the information you need to hire the right person — the first time. 

Here are a few things you can learn from a simple background check that could give you an advantage when making on-the-go hiring decisions…1. Online History. In a lot of cases, the personal past of your freelancers won’t get in the way of the work they do. However, depending on the position you’re hiring for, who your freelancer is in their downtime can absolutely matter. A social media manager who is responsible for creating posts for your business, for example, should have an online track record you’re happy with. If their personal views are totally different than yours, and they express them regularly online, there’s a chance that their opinions could overflow into their work, making your posts less than desirable from your point of view. 
2. Financial History. Again, most financial issues a freelancer might have, like bad credit, aren’t likely to pose a problem for your business. But if your freelancer’s history includes criminal activity, like financial crimes done online, then you might want to think twice before giving them access to certain aspects of your business. Even paying a freelancer for work prior to it being completed can lead to major issues if they have a history of leaving before a job is finished. 
3. Business History. A lot of successful freelancers have worked with dozens, if not more businesses. And, in many cases, these specialists have potentially worked with your direct competitors. Issues arise if your freelancer is still working with your competition or if they continue to have a close relationship with them. While it won’t always be a problem, knowing who your freelancer does (or is doing) business with can help you be sure you aren’t sharing any private information that you don’t want getting out. 

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