Builtin: 15 Startups in Washington D.C. To Know

Even with politics pushed aside, the Washington D.C. area is a region unlike any other. While the government sector may be the biggest magnet that draws people to the nation’s capital, it would be a mistake to overlook the meteoric rise of Washington’s tech and startup scene. Of the various industries within the tech space, security is a particularly popular sector in Washington D.C. tech. There are huge amounts of sensitive digital data traveling through the city every day and the demand for cybersecurity professionals grows as governing organizations block attacks and maintain the safety of their citizens’ information. Techies with cybersecurity backgrounds can enjoy a comfortable level of job security in the D.C. metro area, and over the past few years their industry has experienced around a three percent bump in job growth. 

Cybersecurity may be the leading industry, but the city is also a hub for B2B, software, and engineering professionals, and startups that relocate or put down roots in D.C. enjoy unparalleled opportunities to work hand-in-hand with some of the most powerful governing organizations in the country. However, while the biggest tech customer in the D.C. metro area may always be the federal government, many startups make it their goal to reach people far beyond the Chesapeake Bay. Tech startups in the nation’s capital have found their footing in nearly every industry from aviation to childcare, and as one of the most diverse and inclusive tech scenes in the country, the city is filled with companies who are working hard to make sure everyone has a say in how to better the world they live in. Whether they’re working in tandem with heads of state to build defense tech, or simply building solutions to make life easier for the average American, these 15 startups paint a picture of how Washington D.C. is a tech city unlike any other.


Founded: 2019

Focus: Human Resources

What they do: The new gig economy offers a wealth of opportunities for those looking to put their services to work, but working from project to project can pose a range of scheduling and compensation challenges. CareerGig’s platform is designed to help make freelancing more sustainable and rewarding, leveraging software technology to validate work history, streamline onboarding and connect freelancers with affordable benefits such as healthcare and retirement plans. CareerGig’s site offers a range of content and resources for both contractors and freelancers alike, helping both parties navigate the gig economy and maximize their profits and success.

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