Introducing The Moonlighting Minute YouTube Video Series

Conceived during the 2008 financial crisis, Moonlighting’s mission has always been to help people create and grow their own independent businesses.

With the world now facing significant economic challenges, it is more important than ever that people have access to the tools they need to quickly enter the gig economy and launch their own independent business to sustain some level of income and normalcy.

To aid in this effort, we have launched a new motivating and educational video series called The Moonlighting Minute.

During these one-minute videos, Moonlighting Founder & CEO, Jeff Tennery highlights the importance of income diversification, strategies for starting an independent business, getting paid during this challenging time, and more.

Watch the Introduction

Tune in to The Moonlighting Minute on YouTube now and be sure to subscribe to our channel to receive notifications when new videos are added.

More About Moonlighting

Additionally, you can now access more than two million jobs and 200,000 work-from-home opportunities along with Moonlighting’s full suite of business tools including proposals, invoices, mobile payments, and discounted resources at no cost. Start building your freelance business on Moonlighting:

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