Is Freelance Consultant Your Next Gig?

Thomas Smale, Founder of FE International, knows that if you’re a seasoned entrepreneur, you’re likely an expert at something other entrepreneurs need help with—be it complex accounting issues, or how to market an app to customers. So, the odds are high that someone out there will not only value your expertise, but be willing to pay for it. In fact, the average pay for a freelance consultant is $72,043 per year.

Getting Started

Sound appealing? If you want to get started as a freelance consultant, start by joining Moonlighting. Recommended by Entrepreneur as one of the top apps for freelance consultants, Moonlighting is a freelance marketplace that gives consultants the tools they need to build a personal brand. This includes everything from a custom business landing page—optimized for mobile—to promotion tools, unlimited proposals, invoices, and digital payments.

Obviously, the more places that you can be discovered, the more clients you can secure. So don’t be afraid to share your Moonlighting page with your existing network. Share on social media and send out emails to let people know you’re consulting, your areas of expertise, and that you’re looking for referrals. Also, if you don’t belong to organizations or communities related to your industry (both online and off), join up and engage.

Finding Your Niche

Looking for inspiration for consulting services you can offer on Moonlighting or experts who’ve already “been there” to help you build your consulting business? Here are just a few of the top consultants Moonlighting right now.

Not sure which niche to specialize in? If you want to become a successful freelance consultant, you need to pick a niche where you actually have real expertise. Abdullahi Muhammed, Forbes contributing author, recommends that you take the time to build extensive knowledge on the topic. Alternatively, you can also choose a niche where you’re already considered an expert because of your day job.

Setting Your Rates

How much should you charge? This is the biggest factor that determines how quickly you can become well-paid. Set your rates too low, and you’ll likely spend a long time busying yourself with work that doesn’t pay well.

Want to earn more? To command higher consulting rates, Moonlighting CEO, Jeff Tennery, says you have to treat your freelancing like the legit business that it is and invest in marketing via various channels so you can generate more interest than you can fulfill, and be more selective in the projects you accept, “which could include price, or overall contentment in the project.”

Taking the Plunge

Ready to parlay your wisdom, knowledge, and experience into a paycheck as a freelance consultant? Sign up for Moonlighting Pro today!