BuzzFeed Features Moonlighting in 2019 Gig Economy Predictions

With the employment rate reaching historic lows and another remarkable stock market year, 2018 will be remembered as a good year for the economy and the markets. But as we approach year end and peek ahead into the new year, many analysts are bracing for what could be a rough 2019.

As we look ahead into 2019, a few prominent trends are emerging that may shift the gig economy and employment in America.

One important trend to keep an eye on is blockchain disruption.

Incumbent staffing and recruiting firms typically take sizable chunks of a worker’s paycheck as do Uber, Lyft, Fiverr, and UpWork. Look for more blockchain disruption from up and coming P2P hiring platforms where middlemen firms get squeezed and their models disintermediated.

Keep an eye on Moonlighting, a hybrid of LinkedIn and Uber, that is scaling fast to bring the gig economy mainstream. Backed by the leading news media companies and boasting of 700K freelancers available for hire on-demand, Moonlighting could be one of the most disruptive companies with its open platform and unique combination of freelancing and on-demand hiring solutions.

Read the full article on Buzzfeed to check out the four other predictions for the 2019 gig economy.

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