Disrupting the Gig Economy and Changing People’s Lives: Moonlighting Joins The Social Impactors Podcast

Moonlighting Founder & CEO, Jeff Tennery joined Avery Konda on The Social Impactors Podcast.

The Social Impactors Podcast highlights impactful individuals making a positive social impact in their communities, and shares their stories/lessons to help others. “There is always a tie back to social impact if there is a humanistic element embedded into it. Every company should take a look to see if there product can leverage back into the community,” says Avery.

Episode #32 of The Social Impactors Podcast features Jeff Tennery, Founder and CEO of Moonlighting, the fastest way to find and hire freelancers and small businesses. Moonlighting helps you instantly find amazing freelancers for your business or personal life. Jeff and Avery talk about the importance of the freelance economy in today’s society, how Moonlighting is empowering individuals to turn their passions into paying side hustles, or their skills into community action; and how the platform has social impact embedded into the core of it’s operations to disrupt, innovate, empower young entrepreneurs, freelancers, and small businesses.

Listen to the podcast now:

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