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Over the past four years, Moonlighting has gone on an incredible journey, an odyssey that has taken us from our small town of Charlottesville to the doorstep of becoming the most disruptive force in employment worldwide. Back in 2014, we rounded up a dozen or so University of Virginia students to test our mobile application at our office above a local eatery known for its delicious homemade meatloaf and mash potatoes. I am not sure I will ever forget that humid August eve when we launched our beta app, with the rich aroma of southern cuisine and optimism emanating through the air.

Fast forward four years later, and our app has grown into a full-fledge platform that supports the freelance livelihoods of over 660,000 people in all 50 states. Along the way, Apple featured us 3X in the App Store, and three of the largest news media companies including publishers of the iconic Chicago Tribune, LA Times, and USA TODAY have introduced our freelance platform to over 100M readers nationwide.

We have always been a mission-based company, focused on helping people start, build and grow their own personal business. From inception, Moonlighting’s grand vision has been to empower millions with the necessary tools to build their own version of the American Dream. Heck, we even produced a reality series called “Stories from the American Dream” with the sole purpose of showcasing our users very talent.

With all the success we have achieved to date, something felt a bit hollow for us as founders as we reflected on how far we had come. From day one of the company, Moonlighting has been all about starting a revolution and being inclusive so that everyone can participate in the gig economy. While we have been successful in providing the canvas for our users to promote their personal business, we felt like we could do more to engage our most valuable asset, the freelancer.

Inspired to do right by the very people who have helped bring Moonlighting to the forefront, we decided to launch a crowdfunding campaign. With help from our partners at Republic.co, we carved out a piece of the business so that our users can be included as real owners of the business.

Now as we approach our anniversary in October, Moonlighting is being beckoned to bring our platform worldwide. Following the same playbook we created in the US, and infusing blockchain technology into the platform, we will use the proceeds to scale our revenues and expand internationally with support from new marketing partnerships in Canada and the U.K.

The spirit of Moonlighting is spreading worldwide, thanks to the entrepreneurs and freelancers using our platform. We feel an immense sense of pride each day as we serve this talented group of risk takers and now as we kick off this crowdfunding campaign they can share in that same success as partners in the very business we love.

If you would like to participate in this unique investment opportunity, please visit republic.co/moonlighting and come join the revolution!

With appreciation,
Jeff Tennery

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