Pursuing Freelance Success in the American Music Industry

You might already be familiar with Moonlighting if you freelance or hire freelancers, part-time or contract help anywhere in America. For one music industry entrepreneur, investor, and avid employer of expert freelance talent in the entertainment industry, Moonlighting has become a go-to resource for hiring the pros he needs to bring his entertainment projects and companies to life.

John Huffman of Creators Capital is in the business of providing management and funding for entertainment talent, projects, and companies. Working with songwriters like The-Dream, music producers like Los Da Mystro, A&R reps like JoJo Brim, script writers like True Hinds, directors like King Hollis, and social media influencer like Juhahn Jones, Huffman is currently focused on launching the singing and acting career of USC student, actor, and up-and-coming R&B singer, Liya (@liyahavemercy).

With years of experience and successes in the music and entertainment industry, Huffman knows that every successful artist, project, and company is built with the help of freelancers. From songwriters to music producers to musicians, mix engineers, designers, and photographers, to D.J.’s, social media marketers, and even lawyers, it takes a freelance village to succeed in the music business.

“I absolutely love finding the best talent in the world and paying them to do great work,” says Huffman. “Moonlighting helps me hire expert entertainment industry freelancers to work with the artists that I represent, on projects that we create, and at the music and entertainment companies that we build.”

At a time when music business revenues are roaring back, Huffman teamed up with the fast-growing freelance marketplace to create, “Stories from the American Dream: The Music Edition” in Dallas, Texas. The first season of this reality series follows Huffman and his freelance army, assembled with the power of Moonlighting, as they help Liya launch her singing and acting career.

The ten-part video series debuted last week, so you can watch Huffman’s introduction of Liya and the project here.

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This article was originally featured in the USA Today.

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