Entrepreneur Features Moonlighting as Top App

If you’re a seasoned entrepreneur, you’re likely expert at something other entrepreneurs need help with — be it complex accounting issues, or how to market an app to customers. So, the odds are high that someone out there will not only value your expertise, but be willing to pay for it.

After all, how many times have you been stuck on a complex issue you knew could be solved by someone who’s already “been there”? You certainly aren’t the first (and you won’t be the last).

And, let’s face it, there are times in almost every entrepreneur’s business journey, particularly at the start, when some extra cash could come in handy. So, how can you parlay your wisdom, knowledge and experience into a paycheck without sidelining your ambition?

Thankfully, there’s an app for that.

For years, being a freelance consultant meant building a long list of connections and clients, but the new generation of consulting apps and marketplaces has taken much of the friction out of finding and retaining freelancing clients. Here are three such platforms and an assessment of which ones work best for different goals.


Moonlighting is a freelance marketplace that gives consultants the tools they need to build a personal brand. This includes everything from a custom business landing page, optimized for mobile, to unlimited proposal templates and invoicing materials.

One of the biggest reasons to like Moonlighting is that it differs from similar platforms, in not charging a commission on your work. Instead, freelancers pay either a monthly or yearly fee that gives them access to a powerful suite of tools for unlimited invoicing, listings and proposals as well as advanced marketing functionality. This fixed rather than variable cost structure means you aren’t penalized the more work you do. Plus, there is a limited free option if you want to test out the app before making a financial commitment.

Another Moonlighting tool useful to entrepreneurs is its Moon$hot crowd-funding platform. Unlike Kickstarter and similar sites, Moon$hot allows fund-raising without requiring that the entrepreneur meet specific goals. For example, if your fund-raising goal is $10,000, and you only receive pledges totaling $9,000, you get to keep that $9000 minus the 5 percent commission fee on each donation (plus another payment-processing fee).

While Moon$hot lacks the big visibility of a Kickstarter or IndieGoGo, it has less stringent requirements as to what type of projects can be funded, and there are no requirements to offer rewards. Therefore, if you have a good distribution network, Moon$hot might be a good option for your project.

Whether you’re considering converting some of your expertise into consulting revenue or looking for funding for your next project, this marketplace is worth a look.

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