Freelancing in the Age of Blockchain Tech

At Moonlighting, we put our users first, and with our plans to implement blockchain technology, we are moving that mission forward. With the adoption of blockchain, users on Moonlighting will be introduced to the next iteration of the gig economy. But as with any technological upgrade, there will likely be a learning curve.

As Moonlighting’s Co-founder and CTO, I want to ensure that our freelancers truly understand the impacts of blockchain and cryptocurrency on Moonlighting and how these technologies can improve the future of work for a global user base. So, let’s explore the changes being made to the platform and how they will empower our users.

Getting Better with Blockchain Technology

The most significant upgrade to Moonlighting will be the integration of blockchain technology.

At first, the concept of blockchain can feel very complex and daunting, but the gist of it is pretty simple. Blockchain is a technological platform that allows for decentralized, distributed, trust-less transactions to be made in a way that is secure, verifiable, and unchangeable.

In the most basic sense, public blockchain works as a decentralized, distributed open ledger: transactions are written to, and from, the blockchain and they remain there forever. Data written to the blockchain cannot be altered without also altering all previous blocks in the chain, which makes it next to impossible for a public blockchain.

By leveraging Blockchain technology, Moonlighting will be able to provide users with quick and secure global transactions on Moonlighting, and also develop features to facilitate profile portability.

Powering the Portable Freelance Profile

What does profile portability mean for our users? Essentially, Moonlighting’s blockchain technology will restore profile ownership to the freelancers that it serves. In the current freelance economy, job sites and freelance platforms exist at the center, many charging freelancers outrageous fees for posting, advertising, and access to potential leads. Currently, those big companies own the freelancer’s profile data, including general information, work history, reviews and ratings

Our goal is to position freelancers at the center of the economy, giving them the power to decide who can access their data. If a user decides to join another participating freelance platform, they can bring their Moonlighting profile and work history to the new platform instead of starting from scratch. We believe that with the introduction of standardized global profiles across platforms, freelancers will be measured by their abilities and the merits and quality of their work, not by their demographic or geographic boundaries.

Moving Forward

By positioning freelancers at the center of the gig economy, we can better serve our users and our mission: help people make money. Now, with the possibilities offered by blockchain technology, Moonlighting can bring this mission to a global audience and give the gig economy back to the freelancer.

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