Holiday Side Hustle Guide

‘Tis the season of overindulgence and overspending. Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, the average American will spend almost $1000 on holiday gifts alone. That’s before you’ve even bought the turkey, hung your decorations, sent your Christmas cards, or travelled over the river and through the woods to Grandma’s house.

Avoid the holiday spending hangover this year by picking up a last minute side hustle for the holidays — and beyond!

Who knows, this new gig might even turn into a viable business you can keep open all year. Check out these ideas for embracing the holiday spirit without absorbing the cost:

Holiday Side Hustle Ideas

Gift Wrapping
Even if they have already picked out the perfect gift, there’s a good chance there’s a pile of presents hiding in a closet left unwrapped until Christmas Eve.

Drivers are in high demand during this time of festivities. If you have a free weekend, offer your driving services and help people stay safe while they attend that office party or pick up those extra gifts.

Own a truck or van? Now is a great time to put that to use by delivering those large gifts that were purchased by an optimistic Prius owner who could use the your help.

Gift Assembling
The holidays are a busy time of year. One thing a lot of people lack is time…and patience. And when an already stressed parent has reached part HHH, there’s no way that swing set is actually going to get assembled.

Music Lessons
Guitars and other musical instruments make great gifts. Offer music lessons to go with the newly gifted musical instruments.

Pet Sitting
Travelling during the holidays can be stressful on poor Fido or Felix. Lend a hand and earn a little too by looking after a pet or two during the holidays.

Do you cook a killer turkey? Or have a world-renowned green bean casserole recipe? Offer to cater a meal for those who are culinary challenged or time constrained.

Can you mix up a mean martini or pour that perfect pint? Bartend for a holiday party or two and pick up some extra cash.

Baking Goodies
Who doesn’t love some homemade cookies, cakes, or fudge for themselves or as a gift for the holidays?!

Home Cleaning
After all the presents have been unwrapped and the family has finally left, help a neighbor get this house back in order and restored to normal daily life.

Get Your Holiday Side Hustle Off the Ground

Just because it’s the season of overspending doesn’t mean you have to suffer the January bill hangover. Get (and stay) ahead of the game by adopting a side hustle or two or three!

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