3 Traits of an Entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur is easier than it’s ever been but rising above the noise, and distraction, to reach potential customers has never been more difficult. These 3 traits provide insight into how you can evaluate your entrepreneurial skills, improve upon them and set yourself apart from the crowd.

“When you say yes to others, be sure you are not saying no to yourself.” ~Paulo Coelho

1. Entrepreneurs are A Leader of One Before a Leader of Many – simply put, time management skills make or break success in every industry. As an entrepreneur you must maintain self-discipline and find ways to be consistently effective and productive. Without being able to lead yourself, you cannot expect to lead others – or for them to want to follow you.

2. Entrepreneurs Know When to Say ‘No’ – no joke, this one rings true for all of us. While saying yes to experiences and willingly accepting new challenges will pave the way for entrepreneurial resilience, knowing what opportunities, experiences, and challenges to turn down can make all the difference in helping you escalate as an entrepreneur.

3. Entrepreneurs Don’t Let Fear Get in their Way – easier said than done. Fear is a natural response and it cannot be prevented, only coped with. Entrepreneurs look fear in the eye and sidestep around it because they have better things to do. Nothing profound was ever accomplished without at least a small amount of concern but pushing past intelligently is oftentimes well-rewarded.

Entrepreneurs come from every background and every personality type. The fear of getting started often prevents many from taking the leap but once over the initial fear, the following roadblocks get easier and easier. Before you know it you’ll be leading yourself, and others, into saying yes to the right things and compartmentalizing the fear into identifiable risk factors.

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