How to Make Your Customers Your Best Salespeople

Look at your competition. Many of your rivals will sell similar services at similar price points, but it’s the work you do that really makes your service stand out above the rest.

But in the digital world we live in, selling your services online makes it harder than ever to convey to potential customers just how good you really are, especially if what you do is truly service based. You can’t build a portfolio with pictures of drain pipes you’ve unclogged or tax returns that you’ve filed accurately and ahead of schedule.

And not all of us are salespeople who can easily weave a tale of our awesomeness on the spot. But if you have already done a great job for your customers, why not let them do the selling?

Whether you are just starting out or an established business, customer reviews are what will truly set you apart from your competition (and can even help you command a higher price point).

Come on, are reviews really that important?

Short answer: yes.

According to a Zendesk survey, 90% of participants claimed that positive online reviews influenced their buying decision, and 86% said their decision was influenced by negative reviews. That’s more than just a few potential customers you’d reach with a good review. Just think about your buying habits? When was the last time you booked a new doctor or hair stylist, bought a new pair of jeans online or picked out a new TV without looking at online reviews first?

So how do I get customer reviews?

Just ask.

When you eat at a restaurant, the waiter will ask you whether you like the food. It’s accepted as common practice, but how many times do businesses ask us what we think of their services?

It’s the same principle, your customers will understand how important reviews are to your business, and as long as you provide an excellent product or service, they won’t be annoyed if you ask for a review.

Is there a good way to ask?

Moonlighting makes it easy.

Unless someone has a negative experience to share, the average customer is not going to look for ways to leave your company a review. That’s why you need to ask them to post a review and make it as easy as possible for them to do so.

On Moonlighting, we’ve made it incredibly simple to ask anyone you’ve worked with through Moonlighting (or even outside of Moonlighting if you haven’t done any business on Moonlighting yet) to leave a review for you on your profile. Just check out the Reviews screen from your profile menu, a couple clicks later and we’ve sent your customer a review request on your behalf.

This is an easy way to jazz up your profile and make getting new clients on Moonlighting easier.

When should I ask for a review?

Right away. After every job.

Don’t wait too long: customers are more likely to give you feedback right away. And it will be more detailed, accurate, and exciting if you catch them while they are still thrilled by what you’ve done.

So just make reviews a part of your work process. You can make closing the work loop as simple as: Step 1) Do stellar work. Step 2) Send your invoice. Step 3) Send a review request.

What can I do about a negative review?

Get more reviews.

Many businesses focus on what to do about one or two bad reviews, but the most effective way to combat a few negative words is to load up on the rave reviews. This means you’ll need to encourage every one of your happy customers to take just a minute of their time to write about their experiences.

Wait, I still don’t think you told me how customers are my best sales person?

Oh yeah. They totally are.

Having good reviews of your service or product will bring in more sales. And if you ask your customers to share these good reviews with their friends, you can get even more sales and customers through word of mouth. Get that referral machine churning for you.

Don’t have any reviews on your Moonlighting profile yet? Request your first review now.

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