Use These Disaster Recovery Tools to Pick Up the Pieces

In the wake of Hurricanes Irma and Harvey, the Pacific Northwest wildfires, and disasters nationwide, there are simply too many pieces to pick up.

With millions of lives affected by the catastrophic events of the past few weeks, rebuilding life as it was can be a daunting task. How do we move forward? There are people who need help, and there are people ready to help, but it can be difficult to know where to start. In today’s digital world, there are endless means of making our thoughts and feelings heard, but how do we take action? Moonlighting empowers those who want to hire help, and those who are ready to start helping.

As an online marketplace for on-demand services and jobs, Moonlighting helps alleviate the burden of searching for help, or how to help, so no one is held back. Finding the right individual or business can be difficult, and with repair contractors in high demand, the wait could be too long. It is time to take advantage of the technology that exists at our fingertips and begin to rebuild our communities for ourselves and for each other.

Here are some of the resources Moonlighting can offer to help restore our homes, families, and businesses.

Home repairs

Broken windows? Fallen gutters? No problem. On Moonlighting, you can find a large selection of handyman and repair service providers ready to work immediately. Contractors can be expensive, and there are only so many in one area. Now we can support a small business that also might have been affected by Irma and hire a local handyman to make those home repairs we so desperately need.

Handymen and repair businesses can also use Moonlighting to get discovered. With a simple service post and social media share, the world will know you are available to work.

Yard work

With the terrible weather, and in some cases flooding, yards are in worse shape than ever. Hiring a freelance landscaper could save time, energy, and money. Moonlighting’s Moonbeam mobile hiring map allows users to see what types of services are being offered in their local area.

For landscaping freelancers and small businesses, being available to help a neighbor rebuild their life is as simple as creating a profile and uploading photos of your work.


It can be a devastating blow to lose your vehicle, and getting places can be especially difficult for elderly or disabled individuals. For short or long-term transportation assistance, those in need can get the help they need by posting on Moonlighting.

For anyone with a working vehicle, driving someone to their job or to school could dramatically change their circumstances. Find out if there is someone in your area in need of a driver by searching on Moonlighting.

Business services

Countless businesses are suffering from heavy workloads, and now more than ever. For those businesses without the time or the energy to meet deadlines, you can find an endless variety of local and virtual freelancers. From graphic designers to financial accountants, there is never a shortage of individuals ready to get your business back on its feet.

For those individuals and small businesses who need to start again, Moonlighting’s new Moon$hot Stories feature allows people to crowdfund for their professional goals. Whether it be a suffering business or an expensive repair, Moon$hot Stories allows you to share your story with your network and give them the means they need to lift you up.

It is the mission at Moonlighting to empower individuals to create and direct a course for their own lives. Now more than ever, we are seeing that people are being challenged by forces out of their control. So take back your life and work towards rebuilding it, or help the ones who can’t. Slowly but surely, we can pick up these pieces and our spirits, too.

Read the article in the USA Today.

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